“We still got a lot of gumption in us..” – Danny Devito Opens Up About Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger in Near Future

“We still got a lot of gumption in us..” – Danny Devito Opens Up About Working With Arnold Schwarzenegger in Near Future

Arnold Schwarzenegger is undeniably one of the most popular individuals there is. While we are all aware of his legacy in the world of bodybuilding, his acting career is no less. Throughout his career, the Terminator star has given innumerable hit films to the audience. While Schwarzenegger has worked with a plethora of stars, the Austrian Oak shared an enjoyable chemistry with Danny DeVito. The duo has worked together on some very memorable projects. And recently, DeVito opened up about working with Schwarzenegger again in the near future.

Over the past few days, Danny DeVito has been out promoting his Disney+ series Little Demon. During one of his recent interviews, DeVito had a few things to say about his longtime friend and neighbor Arnold Schwarzenegger. In an interview with Sunday Times, DeVito shed some light on whether the audience will ever get to witness him and Schwarzenegger again in a project.

DeVito revealed that the duo were looking for opportunities to work with each other again. Furthermore, the Junior star added, “Lucy and Jake and Arnold’s peeps are looking for something for us to do, because we love working together and we still got a lot of gumption in us.” 

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In the past too, Schwarzenegger and DeVito have collaborated on a handful number of projects. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger even made an appearance on one of the episodes of DeVito’s show Little Demon. Elsewhere in the interview, the Jumanji star also revealed some peculiar secrets about Schwarzenegger’s house.

What all films have Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito worked on together?

Schwarzenegger and DeVito have starred on a few projects together. The world was first introduced to this iconic duo on screen back in 1988 in the comedy film Twins. Back in the 90’s, when Schwarzenegger was known for his action films, Twins was one of the first films that featured Schwarzenegger in more of a comical role. The film was a commercial success and earned a whooping $216 million worldwide.

After Twins, the duo came together for the action comedy movie The Last Action Hero that premiered in 1993. The last time the audience witnessed the iconic duo together was on Ivan Reitman’s comedy classic Junior.

Do you think we will ever get to witness the iconic duo together? Feel free to comment down below.

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