“The animals just roam around…”- ‘Little Demon’ Director Danny Devitto Reveals Major Arnold Schwarzenneger Habit From His Experience of Being Neighbours With Him

“The animals just roam around…”- ‘Little Demon’ Director Danny Devitto Reveals Major Arnold Schwarzenneger Habit From His Experience of Being Neighbours With Him

Arnold Schwarzenegger might be one of the most disciplined individuals when it comes to his work. We are all aware of Schwarzenegger’s legacy in bodybuilding, acting and even politics. However, when it comes to his day to day life, the actor has an interesting lifestyle. As we all know, Schwarzenegger and film maker Danny DeVito go back a long way. The duo have worked on some very memorable films together. Furthermore, the duo even live very close to each other. And recently during a film promotion event, the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star made some peculiar revelations about the Austrian Oak’s lifestyle.

Recently, Danny DeVito was out promoting his upcoming series, Little Demon on Disney+ Hotstar. Not long ago, the Rainmaker fame appeared on an interviews with Sunday Times where he talked about his decade long friendship with Schwarzenegger. DeVito in the interview revealed that he is often hanging out with Schwarzenegger. And whenever the director is Arnold’s house he usually finds himself around various animals. DeVito told the Sunday Times, “The animals just roam around all over the place — they’re coming to getcha! Ha ha! It’s, like, ‘What’s that?’ ‘Oh, it’s a horse.’ ‘A HORSE?!

In continuation DeVito added that the Kindergarten Cop has a lot of adoration for the animals he has around his house. Meanwhile, DeVito also talked about his decade long friendship with the Austrian Oak and revealed that he loved working with the Governator. Schwarzenegger and DeVito are an incredible duo in Hollywood and have featured on some iconic movies of Hollywood including The Twins, Last Action Hero and Junior. Interestingly, the Austrian Oak has also appeared on one of the episodes of DeVito’s latest project Little Demon.

How many pets does Arnold Schwarzenegger have in total?

It might surprise you to know but the Austrian Oak is a huge animal lover and his house is a pet paradise. Time and again, Schwarzenegger leaves the audience in awe with adorable posts with his pets on Instagram. Some of the pets that Schwarzenegger has include a pony called Whiskey and four dogs, Noodle, Cherry, Dutch and Cherry. Interestingly, the Governator even has a donkey in his house named LuLu.

Previously, Schwarzenegger took the internet by storm after he posted an adorable video celebrating his donkey LuLu’s first ever birthday. The actor posted a minute long video on Twitter as he sang a birthday song while he stuffed Lulu’s face with treats and goodies. Meanwhile, strange as it sounds, Schwarzenegger named one of his dogs Schiztnel after his favorite dish.

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Who are your favorite animals in Arnold’s pet paradise? Feel free to let us know in the comments.





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