We Cannot Live Without Him, but What Are the Essestial Items That ‘Bridgerton’ Star Jonathan Bailey Cannot Live Without?

We Cannot Live Without Him, but What Are the Essestial Items That ‘Bridgerton’ Star Jonathan Bailey Cannot Live Without?

We all have a few things in our life that are bare essentials for us, things that help us sustain. Maybe it is a book, a face wash, a game, or anything from the last couple of days, and for the next coming weeks, Jonathan Bailey is an essential thing for each one of us. With Bridgerton Season 2 release coming up, we just cannot have enough of this British bundle of joy. Well, we know we cannot live without him, but what are the things that Jonathan finds essential for himself? Let’s find out!

In a recent interview with GQ, Jonathan Bailey revealed his 10 essential items. Ranging from books to hand-rubbing pebbles, the list is rather too intriguing. So, with no further ado, let’s get started.

Jonathan Bailey reveals his 10 essential items


Of course, any decent human will have books as an essential commodity in their life. Hence, a man as perfect as Jonathan Bailey is sure to have books on his list. Bailey shared the titles of two books, that are currently very essential for him. First, Matt Haig’s The Comfort Book, which Jonathan calls “a Bible of really lovely little titbits” that can help someone to get through a stressful time. The second book he mentioned was a play text of Cock. This is a project he has been working on and the play will open in March 2023. So, we know what we are doing at this time next year.


A trait that, according to Jonathan, is a “genetical predisposition” is carrying a huge stash of Muesli wherever he goes. And guess which muesli is his favorite? The one with desiccated coconut in it. Well, at least, we are sure that no one will stay hungry as long as they are close to Jonathan Bailey.


Necessity is indeed the mother of invention. So when Bridgerton actors were told that they are not allowed not to click pictures on the set with their phones, our Mr. Smarty Pants Jonathan got himself a polaroid camera. And now the camera has made it to the essentials list for the actor.

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The next item on the list is a very cute swan key chain. And the best part is that the swan has a smiley face on it! An adorable key chain for an even more adorable human. It is a gift from his Bridgerton co-stars Lara and Lauren, and it is indeed a thoughtful gift. A little secret though, the swan is also a willy when held horizontally. The man really has the sense of humor of a teen!


As someone who had “skincare thrust upon him,” Jonathan takes his skin’s health seriously. Hence, there are two skincare products that he can never live without. One is hyaluronic acid (not an easy pronunciation, trust us) and the other, an Emma Hardy face-cream that he describes as golden. Well, whatever it is, it is clearly working for the absolute beauty of Jonathan Bailey.

Bath salts

Well, we can clearly see how careful Jonathan is about himself. The next item on the list is bath salts, which is a gift from yet another Birdgerton cast member, Simone Ashley, aka Kate Sharma. We are truly excited to see this duo romance in the second season!

Worry Pebble

We all feel a little anxiety and tension in our day-to-day life, but very few of us are as creative as Jonathan to keep a worry pebble with us. He joked about how it used to be a boulder and is now just a small pebble. Well, a few more weeks and he will get himself a new worry boulder.


Jonathan just plays a character that lives in the past and does not actually belong to that era. Hence, like all of us, his headphones are an essential item for his survival, and he got them from Ted Sarandos, Head of Netflix. And he is even a big fan of music (we are too, Jonathan). Some of his current top artists include Venga Boys, Muna, Big Wild, Stephen Sondheim, and Destiny’s Child.

Fanny packs

Another essential item that Jonathan Bailey has on his list is Fanny Packs. Very efficient indeed. It can help you carry a ton of stuff around, and most importantly, one of his fanny packs doubles down as a jacket! We are telling you, Jonathan Bailey is a genius.


And the last thing on Jonathan Bailey’s top ten essentials is mittens! No, Young Sheldon is not the only one who can pull off mittens. Jonathan does it just perfectly as well! And his mittens are so adorable with a little flap so that your chores are not interrupted. We honestly need one of those. Let us know if you find them somewhere on the internet.

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Well, that is it! We hope to see more of Jonathan Bailey on Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix.

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