“I want to take roles that maybe people wouldn’t expect me to play” Says ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Star Simone Ashley

“I want to take roles that maybe people wouldn’t expect me to play” Says ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2 Star Simone Ashley

After Bridgerton announced its season 2, we have seen a lot of Simone Ashley wearing a plain gown and a corset, while hanging with her dog, Newton, and her on-screen sister Edwina Sharma. The 26-years old gorgeous actress will be seen playing the lead role in Bridgerton Season 2 when the show returns on March 25th, 2022.

Since it was revealed that Simone will reprise the role of Kate Sharma in Bridgerton season 2, fans of the show have been curious. They wanted to know more about the actress’s transformation from her Sex Education character to playing Kate.

Now, let’s talk more about Simone Ashley, who played the role of Kate Sharma.

Simone Ashley’s career before Bridgerton

Simon Ashley aka Simone Ashwini Pillai is a British actress. She was born and brought up in an Indian household. She has always been drawn more towards the creative field, from her childhood. We have seen her work in Detective Pikachu, Kill Ben Lyk, Guilt, Sex Education, Doctors, Casualty, and many more.

After watching her in Netflix’s Sex Education, in modern outfits, Bridgerton has completely changed her look with hair bows, corsets, Empire waists, and gowns.

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Now, let’s discuss her experience while shooting on the sets of Bridgerton season 2.

Simone Ashley aka Kate Sharma

In conversation with Glamour UK, Ashley Simon claims she never imagined herself as the lead cast of a period drama. She didn’t even watch them because she can’t relate to them. But to her surprise, within fourteen days, she gets the part of Kate Sharma.

After meeting Jonathan Bailey, her co-star, Bailey gave her a sneak peek of his entire experience because the entire show was blowing up at that time. She says, “so he was telling me all the exciting things he’d been up to. I was pretty star-struck.”

Simone Ashley is Tamil Indian, who felt that the industry can be very typecast sometimes. In her explanation, she expresses, she is interested in cultural-specific roles, but also interesting, non-culture-specific roles. She said, “I want to take roles that maybe people wouldn’t expect me to play. I want to go up for roles that anyone can relate to, want to be seen for my talent. I think I’m very smart and I’ve got great ideas, and I want to be seen for that and not for how I look.”

Ashley will play a fierce and headstrong character in Bridgerton. You can watch the chemistry of Kate and Anthony on March 25th when season 2 arrives.

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