WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Shares 10 TOP ASMRR Moments From His Career to Treat Your Ears

WATCH: Ryan Reynolds Shares 10 TOP ASMRR Moments From His Career to Treat Your Ears

Ryan Reynolds has treated us with some soothing sounds. The Deadpool actor is one of the most entertaining celebrities in the industry today. Thanks to his action-packed movies mixed with an undeniably funny sense of humor. In fact, the actor started his career off working in comedy dramas and later bagged roles in superhero films.

Ryan clearly selects his roles after doing some good research, making sure there is good variety in them. In fact, he stays connected to his vast array of fans on social media too, feeding them timely content full of time. And in his recent social media upload, we are served with a unique themed edit containing glimpses of his movies.

How Ryan Reynolds aced a trend

The Adam Project actor knows how to send the internet in frenzy. The celebrity is super active on social media, keeping fans in the loop. Whether it is for his movie updates, social work, or simply entertainment. One such post was a recent YouTube video short captioned, “Top 10 ASMR moments”.

As the name suggests, the short video has a collage of clips from Ryan Reynolds movies. Perfect edited glimpses of ASMR to treat the ears, most of which are funny. The clips include his movies like Deadpool (2016) Buried (2010), Free Guy (2021), etc. The sound of lighting a lighter, moving his hand across the wood, or simply whispering in his own sexy style.

He had previously uploaded an hour-long video of him making ASMR sounds while eating. ASMR stands for Automatic Sensory Meridian Response. It basically means sounds that soothe you and make you feel good. The idea caught up in the last few hours and has become one of the most trendy pieces of content for social media users with a wide variety of ways to create it. Ryan clearly did not miss a chance to hop on to the bandwagon and create something of his own.

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The Ted actor is super active on social media, garnering around 41.3 million subscribers on his YouTube account. Despite shooting films, runnings a business, and a football club, the actor managed to find unique ways to connect with the audience and this was definitely one of them. Did you like the sounds of Ryan’s ASMR? Let us know in the comments.

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