Ryan Reynolds Wins Over Hundreds of Hearts, With THIS Heartwarming Gesture for a Young Boy

Ryan Reynolds Wins Over Hundreds of Hearts, With THIS Heartwarming Gesture for a Young Boy

Ryan Reynolds knows how to use his fame for good. The actor is not just a reel life hero, but a real-life one as well. The actor who is currently busy with the shoot of Deadpool 3, manages to be generous even with his busy schedule, by participating in different causes and doing charity work.

Thanks to the ever-increasing expansion of his career, the Hollywood actor has managed to increase his fan base beyond America and Hollywood as a result of co-owning Wrexham AFC. Ryan now uses his team to serve football fans, and in a heartfelt gesture, the actor reached out to one such little fan in need.

What did Ryan Reynolds do for a young football fan?

Ryan Reynolds showed his generosity by reaching out to a football fan through a video message. The actor introduced himself and stated how he is busy in New York but that he is aware of the kid’s pain and wished him all the luck and love from his family and the whole football community.

The entrepreneur added, “I’m really excited about the match, I hope to see you out in the field, but more importantly I hope I get to meet you in person one of these days.” Further, the Green Lantern star appreciated the young ones’ love for football and gave words of encouragement.

The fan was a 6-year-old Leland who is suffering from a disease called Myelodysplasia, which is a sort of Pre-Leukemia. He is in need of a bone marrow transplant and replied to Ryan with a video, thanking him for the awareness. The boy hopes to be a mascot for the Blyth Spartans match and was to walk the field with team player JJ O’Donnell. The player took to Twitter to spread the word and help find a donor for the little one. In fact, he retweeted Reynolds’s video message, thanking the actor for getting involved in this good cause.

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Although the Wrexham co-owner is on the opposition team, he has always appreciated the spirit of sportsmanship and how it unites people. What did you think of his sweet gesture toward the young fan? Let us know in the comments.

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