WATCH: Andrew Garfield Hilariously Pulling off the Will Smith Oscars Move

WATCH: Andrew Garfield Hilariously Pulling off the Will Smith Oscars Move

The 2022 Slapgate incident at the Oscars will be recalled for years because of the intense heat it produced. The news of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock on the stage of the world’s biggest film awards was sensational news. There is no way media and people will forget that incident easily.

And not only will Will Smith slapping Chris Rock stay in people’s memories, but also the reactions of other celebrities present in that hall. So much so that there was a Halloween costume based on the incident. One of the most important celebrity reactions that got caught on camera was that of Andrew Garfield. The Amazing Spiderman actor was caught texting during the whole incident which later on became a meme template. But there was another reaction of his that was captured by the cameras as he was leaving the Oscars.

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Andrew Garfield imitating Will Smith will leave you in splits

Andrew Garfield texting his friends during the 2022 Oscars was the second most popular thing from that night. The picture of him texting during the whole incident became so widely popular that The Amazing Spiderman actor’s photograph was used in millions of memes.

But what most people failed to see was Garfield’s reaction after the award ceremony. When the 39-year-old actor was leaving the ceremony and as he approached his friends he went to give them a high five. He successfully gave one of them a smashing high five but as he approached the other, he did something unexpected.

At first, it seemed like he is giving his friend a high five but as he raised his hand, he pulled it back halfway through. And although the clip in which he did that was very short, it was clear that he was imitating Will Smith.

So if you loved Andrew Garfield’s texting picture, you sure will enjoy his naughty imitation of Smith. Later, Smith was very sorry for what he did and released a public apology after that. Not just that, he has many times apologized to Chris Rock after that. However, according to the Independent, he has been banned from the Oscars for the next 10 years.

Do you know any other hilarious incident from the ceremony? Let us know in the comments.

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