Fans Are Quite Furious After The View Brought in Will Smith Oscar Slapgate Halloween Costume

Fans Are Quite Furious After The View Brought in Will Smith Oscar Slapgate Halloween Costume

People kicked off this Halloween with the most horrific costumes ever. And this year’s Oscar Slapgate was not short of any terrible mishap either. So you can possibly imagine what would be the result if these two were combined. However, you need not imagine it as something similar has already taken place. 

A wardrobe supervisor from The View named Ashely Kaufman presented a child that combined the two incidents in a costume that stirred controversy over the internet. Read more to know what made social media so furious.

What did the show feature about Oscar Slapgate?

Last Monday on the eve of Halloween, The View launched a special show called, “Boo Are You Wearing in 2022?” It featured costumes as a tribute to every major incident that took place this year. The Oscar fiasco revolving around Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is a well-known fact and something that still lives in our minds months after the incident. As an indication of the same, they had a child wearing a golden costume resembling the Academy Award interface with a red saturated slap mark on its cheek. 

The person who was wearing it was visibly a small child who seemed to be a little disturbed about the same. Although the audience finds it funny, people all over the globe have expressed contempt for the costume. The YouTube comments on the video of the segment made it clear people’s opinions and hatred towards the attire. 

The Oscar slap costume felt a little cringeworthy,” wrote a viewer. 

Using children as political pawns…this is creepy,” wrote another. 

I was completely disgusted. That is nothing to celebrate or chuckled at,” framed another user in a paragraph calling out The View. 

It’s cringe watching The View shamelessly use them(the children) like this,” outraged another user. 

For context, at the Oscars this year Will Smith slapped comedian and anchor, Chris Rock for having made a humiliating joke at the expense of his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith. His wife had been suffering from some health issues that Chris aimed at, joking about her hair loss that the King Richard star could not stand.

Since the incident, Smith was banned by the Academy, followed by several of his projects falling through. At present, the actor is gearing up for the release of his Apple+ film, Emancipation, later this year.

What is your take on the matter? Have you seen the segment yet? Let us know in the comments below. 

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