Fans Celebrate Chris Rock’s Return in ‘Selective Outrage’ Almost a Year After Will Smith Slapgate

Fans Celebrate Chris Rock’s Return in ‘Selective Outrage’ Almost a Year After Will Smith Slapgate

Chris Rock is back with Selective Outrage. The comedian became the prime example of patience and self-control as he got slapped in front of the world during the Oscars this year. All for being one thing: a comedian. Smith rocked his own world by slapping the Oscar host for comparing Jada Smith’s bald head to G. I. Jane.

The aftermath of this was that the I Am Legend actor getting banned from the Awards and resigning from his membership in the Academy. While he has been out in public repeatedly discussing the topics, the Everybody Hates Chris producer has remained rather quiet about the whole ordeal. But here he is again, ready to set the stage on fire with a new comedy special.

Fans excited as Chris Rock returns to screen, months after the Will Smith slapgate incident

Fans are excited to see what’s coming as Chris Rock: Selective Outrage is set to release. It is supposed to be the first live-streamed event that will be visible around the globe. As per Chris Rock’s Twitter page, the release date has been announced and is set for 4th March 2023, which is coincidentally a week before the 2023 Oscars. It is expected to be a first-of-its-kind show for Netflix. The poster and teaser trailer for it has been released already, despite there being a long wait. Fans who have been aware of the award incident are keen on watching Rock live and there are expectations of him to touch on the controversial topic during the live event.

Previously, Will Smith went on YouTube to release a formal apology to Chris Rock, even attempting to contact him. But it was all in vain. If anything, it has invited more trouble for the actor. His much anticipated Apple TV+ movie Emancipation also did not do as great as expected.

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One fan noted how Smith, who has had a career spanning three decades, is seeing a downfall while Rock’s career is flourishing. While another one hopes that the live show would be just an hour of jokes on Jada Smith’s head.

What do you think can be expected from Chris Rock: Selective Outrage? Comment your thoughts.

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