Was Meghan Markle’s Passport Really Taken Away From Her While She Was In U.K.?

Was Meghan Markle’s Passport Really Taken Away From Her While She Was In U.K.?

Ever since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle dismissed their duties to the royal crown, they have been subjects of a lot of controversies. Especially if we talk about the Duchess of Sussex. The former actress spoke about a lot of unfair treatment that she was subjected to. The couple opened up about it at a stretch in their famous Oprah Winfrey interview, and after that, the American actress has been under the keen eye of the critics even more.

They have called out many of her statements in the interview to be false and attacked her for being rude to the late queen. In one of her statements, the actress claimed the monarchists confiscated her passport, keys, and driver’s license. And now the royal experts doubt if Megan’s passport was ever taken away as her traveling history tells a different tale.

Critics call out Meghan Markle for making wrong assertions about the royal family

The American actress is perhaps not very fond of giving interviews. And when she does, one could always listen to the bells of controversies that would linger around afterward. Her Ophrah interview is certainly a testament to this. Among many things, Meghan told Winfrey about how they snatched her licenses and passport during one of her tours in the U.K. She also mentioned that she could not “just leave.”

However, as soon as she met her husband, the couple took off their flight for their 13 holidays together. According to the critics, this suggested only one thing: Meghan Markle had the passport with her all along. The royal couple also traveled to New York and Toronto after that. A few days earlier Duchess of Sussex was also accused of comparing her marriage to the emancipation of Nelson Mandela.

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And ever since the news of Meghan and Harry’s alleged Netflix documentary came out, many Royal Biographers became more skeptical of the royal couple. As of now, their documentary doesn’t seem to bear any fruit. But only time will tell if they will ever release one.

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