Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Pausing the Spotify Podcast is More of “PR exercise”

Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Pausing the Spotify Podcast is More of “PR exercise”

After a disastrous month owing to the sad demise of The Queen, things have finally started to come to normalcy. Speaking of which, everyone’s attention has once switched to Meghan Markle from Her Majesty. The Duchess of Sussex once again finds herself at the center of criticism. This time as royal experts comment regarding her Spotify Podcast.

The former working royal has worked with her sweat and tears to gain the respect that she deserves, but it seems even after refuting the accusations, a suspicion nonetheless lingers. Although Markle took her greatest stance for gender equality, it was enough according to royal experts.

Royal experts call Meghan Markle pausing her Spotify podcast a PR move

Royal author and biographer, Daniela Elser, has issued insights on a huge list that points out Meghan’s faults. In a news piece for the New Zealand Herald, she issued a disclaimer that read, “Meghan Markle’s biggest mistake comes into focus”. According to her, Meghan allegedly “lacks contribution” to the fight for ‘gender equality. She particularly targeted her Spotify Podcast, claiming the current hold on her episodes since the Queen’s death was more of a “PR exercise.

Her point of criticism was the absence of any steps or actions taken towards what had been promised. “Speaking up is great but where is the follow-through?” she asked. According to her words and preachings, Meghan should have been the front woman feminist of the country. She claims that The Duchess has the passion, brains, connections, and the media knowledge to really do the sort of work that can move the dial.


Quoting the Roe vs Wade case as “impassioned, eloquent, urgent stuff,” that the Supreme Court struck down, Danielle expected Meghan to show up on this extremely important case. However, Markle is yet to make a comment on the same.

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Following the pause on her Spotify podcast, The Duchess of Sussex had also cancelled her red carpet appearance. She has conveyed that she will not attend the gala to celebrate Variety Magazine’s September issue, Power of Women. However, the event on 28 September will be honouring her despite her absence to maintain status quo.

Do you think the criticism over Markle’s podcast is justified? Share your opinions with us in the comments below.

One thought on “Royal Author Claims Meghan Markle Pausing the Spotify Podcast is More of “PR exercise”

  1. Reply
    September 27, 2022 at 8:30 pm

    Good opinion piece.
    Daniela Elser rated the Princess of Wales “lower on the Germaine Greer scale,” but Kate was tapped as a possible Grenadier Guards Colonel and received some backing from Grenadier Guards themselves. The era of diminutive wives is changing with the charge led by current female royals. It’s overlooked by those who favor celebrity over service.
    Meghan could’ve been a part of all that but walked away to craft a celebrity role. None of that is objectionable, but having watched with tremendous hope that she would use the huge platform she has, it seems she contributes little to advancing the role of women. Every public speech and podcast devolves into story time, she clutches her husband’s hand and presence so much that it’s hard to see her forging a path of her own. In a recent One World Summit speech her remarks weren’t sober or serious, instead acknowledging her husband’s presence and recounting (in a baby voice) a story about a place card holder, and reference to herself when she was a girl “in her 30s).
    As a woman veteran who saw the Queen as a role model of strength and carving out a strong role in a man’s world I can’t see much actual work being done on Meghan’s part. Maybe when I see her “walk the walk” and actually showcase other women’s struggles rather than focusing on the pain of her own hangnails I’ll changing my mind…

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