Vikings vs. Vikings: Valhalla – Similar Yet Different Shows

Vikings vs. Vikings: Valhalla – Similar Yet Different Shows

After just a few days of its release on Netflix, Vikings Valhalla is getting all the love it so rightly deserves. The show has everything that one can ask for. The show can completely re-create the experience its predecessor Vikings was able to. But the question remains do we need to watch the Original show or not?

Is Vikings Valhalla connected to the original Vikings?

The answer is an absolute NO! Vikings: Valhalla is in no way related to the original Vikings. In fact, Valhalla is set 100 years after the events of History TV’s Vikings. The new show packs in a new storyline and new characters.

Even though the new show calls out characters from the previous show, like Ragnar Lothbrok, former leader of Kattegat, and his first wife, Lagertha, they are all shown in a new and fresh way perspective. “We are grateful and inspired by their heritage,” one character says in an early episode, “but now is the time to make our own history.”

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How are the two shows different from each other?

We have now established that both shows have their individual stories that they follow. Let us find out what really differentiates the two shows even though they follow the same Norse mythology.

In an interview with Variety, showrunner Jeb Stuarts explained that the original show was made for TV. At the same time, Vikings: Valhalla was developed for an OTT release from the beginning. So the significant difference is in the writing process of the two shows, with Jev explaining that writing for TV is like making a mini-movie. However, with an online release, one cannot do that.

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He went on to say that his tastes ran to action, suspense, and excellent character development and that the usage of a new cast, except for one actor, added to the show’s ‘new freshness,’ even if the filming locations stayed the same.

So what do you think about the new series? Did you like it? Let us know whether they should have stayed with the Original show or not in the comments below.

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