Vikings: Valhalla Cast Talks About Vikings History and The Show’s Expectations

Vikings: Valhalla Cast Talks About Vikings History and The Show’s Expectations

Anybody interested in Norse mythology or Vikings would know about the extremely popular show Vikings. The show first aired on History Channel and then the final season streamed on Prime Video. Netflix surprised everyone when it announced the sequel, Vikings: Valhalla. It is in some way a Netflix original series, but at the same time, it is tied to its predecessor. Indeed, it is a mind-boggling decision.

The eight-part series will be dropping on the streamer on February 25. Created by Jeb Stuart, Netflix has already ordered 24 episodes of Vikings: Valhalla. The series will be packed with action and political intrigue.

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Don’t expect Vikings Valhalla to be historically accurate 

The creators have taken liberties to alter the storyline, add characters and even change the personalities that befit the narrative. Hence, actors like Bradley Freegard and Laura Berlin found their research was useless. It’s not a documentary but a fictionalization of the Vikings’ history.

Due to the lack of historical records on certain characters like Freydis and Godwin, Gustavsson was able to create his own Freydis. 

That gave me freedom to create the Freydis that I felt the text was speaking to,” she says.

Although there are many famous Viking characters, no historical record mentions a black Viking woman. Vikings: Valhalla will introduce Jari Estrid Haakon, which is a fictional character. This is not to be confused with Haakon Sigurdsson, who is going to represent the diversity in Vikings. 

Caroline Henderson, who plays Jaari, says, “She’s based on a lot of strong women and male leaders that we know of today.”

Injuries were aplenty on the show

The cast sported bruises, black eyes, and gushes for several days of the shoot. They were so committed to their role that they didn’t complain about the pain.

Leo Suter says, “It was a true feat of endurance, which just aided the energetic roles we were playing, so that relentless, primal nature was actually a great contributor.” 

The cast only hopes to honor the legacy of its predecessor. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s fame Sam Corlette says, “With respect to what came before, we’re stepping into our own world with our own mix of energies and our own ingredients.”

The show will land on Netflix on February 25. Are you excited for the release?

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