‘Uncoupled’ Ending Explained: Will Michael take Colin Back and Who is Kai’s real father?

‘Uncoupled’ Ending Explained: Will Michael take Colin Back and Who is Kai’s real father?

The Uncoupled season one ending has a massive cliffhanger, leaving viewers eager for season 2. The romantic comedy series by Darren Star (Sex and the City) and Jeffrey Richman (Modern Family) is receiving favorable reviews from reviewers and audiences alike. While Netflix has yet to renew Uncoupled for season two, the conclusion of season one clearly demonstrates the necessity for the series to return for further episodes.

Ever since the fans watched the final episode of the show, they have been speculating as to what happened after the screens went black. If you were one of them, don’t worry. We are here to explain the whole Uncoupled ending to you.

Do Michael and Colin end up together at the ending of Uncoupled?

Uncoupled is one of Netflix’s greatest TV programs, thanks to its cliffhanger finale that leaves fans wanting more. However, reuniting the pair would be a mistake. Michael puts in a lot of work and time in Uncoupled to get over Colin’s untimely departure, and the season finale demonstrates his tremendous progress in that area.

If Michael returns to Colin in Uncoupled season two, it risks undermining the journey of season one. Though Michael adores Colin and the two have a long history together, it would be irresponsible not to confront the underlying difficulties that arose between them after Colin departed.

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Kai’s father revealed or not?

In Uncoupled episode seven, Michael’s closest friend and colleague Suzanne (Tisha Cambell) learns that her son, Kai, has found his father. Suzanne has no idea who he is because Kai was born after an exciting summer spent traveling throughout Europe. Campbell effectively depicts Suzanne’s mixed emotions of wanting to be there for her son while also being concerned that he has kept his father’s identity a secret from her.

While Kai finally decides not to see his father, Suzanne’s final moments in the Uncoupled conclusion depict her being horrified to face her son’s father. Even though he has yet to be presented, he is expected to have a part if Uncoupled is extended for a second season. While there is no news of the show receiving a second season, seeing the positive reviews from fans makes it a no brainier that Netflix will bring back the show in the future.

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