Twitterati Bash Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ for Playing Around With Love and Relationship

Twitterati Bash Netflix’s ‘The Ultimatum’ for Playing Around With Love and Relationship

Netflix truly has a creative team when it comes to having ideas for a new show. They have shows based on whether a cake is truly a cake or not. They have a dating show in which the contestants don’t meet and then straight up get married. But Netflix has outdone itself with its new show, The Ultimatum.

The show has an insane concept, and obviously, viewers have their own opinion of the show: some good, some bad.

People’s verdict on The Ultimatum by Netflix

The Ultimatum: Marry Or Move On is Netflix’s most outrageous reality show ever, with more than a few scenes that will make you gasp. Before deciding if they are ready for marriage, the couples are forced to take a serious look at their relationships in an unexpected method: being in a pretend marriage with someone else.

So when a show has a concept as bizarre as this, how can people not have their opinion and views on the show? So people were quick on Twitter to react to the show and how surreal it is.

Some of these tweets are:


As evident by the tweets above, people seem to have a love-hate relationship with the show (not unlike Kanthony from Netflix’s Bridgerton). As intriguing as the concept may be, it really affects people how the couples on the show pretend as if they don’t like each other. And another thing that really bugs people is how “toxic” the whole atmosphere of the series is.

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What do you think? Is the show toxic? Let us know in the comments.

Contestants on the show

Lauren (26) and Nathan (30), Rae (24) and Zay (25), Alexis (25) and Hunter (28), April (25) and Jake (28), Madelyn (24) and Colby (25), and Shanique (24) and Randall (26) are the six couples in the episode whose relationships are pushed to the ultimate test.

All of these seemingly happy couples have been together for around two years and are at the stage where one is ready to propose, but the other is not.

The final two episodes of the show are dropping on April 13th. So watch the rest of the eight episodes of The Ultimatum currently streaming on Netflix.

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