“Those are the kind of scene that make you want to be an actor”: Charithra Chandran and Simone Ashley on the Infamous Wedding Scene From ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

“Those are the kind of scene that make you want to be an actor”: Charithra Chandran and Simone Ashley on the Infamous Wedding Scene From ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

It isn’t just fans of Bridgerton that enjoyed the intense wedding scene. The cast and crew of the show loved it just as much. In fact, actress Charithra Chandran, who plays Edwina Sharma, in the series, talks about the scene saying how “those are the kind of scenes that make you want to be an actor.” Watch the actors, Simone Ashley and Charithra Chandran break down the wedding scene here:

Simone Ashley’s entrance as the bridesmaid

While the scene was not as defining for Kate Sharma as it was for Edwina, Kate still certainly had a lot going on in her mind. She watched as the man she was in love with standing at the end of the aisle with her beloved sister as the bride. From the get-go, Kate and Anthony have this tension between them as they both struggle not to give themselves away in front of the Queen and the rest of the ton.

Anthony Bridgerton imagines Kate as his bride

One of the most essential moments from the wedding scene is where Anthony imagines Kate as his bride. In his imagination, Edwina or the rest of the people don’t exist. It is only Kate, standing in front of him dressed in a beautiful white dress. It is a nod to the fact that the two can really let their guard down when left alone with one another. Simone Ashley understands this much better than any of us, saying “their feelings can really dance when they’re on their own.”

It wasn’t just Kate that had struggles. Ashley had problems of her own too, especially in this scene. The beautiful bracelets Kate so anxiously plays with as they snap off were apparently incredibly difficult to take off because they were shut so tight.

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Fight with Edwina

By the time Kate and Edwina are in their room, both the sisters are processing what happened at the church. Finally, seeing Edwina stand up for herself, a sense of pride overcomes Kate.

However, the dread over her own actions is much stronger, and that is how Kate reaches the end of this scene of the Netflix Original.

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Edwina Sharma

The wedding scene was perhaps the most pivotal in Edwina’s development. She went from a little girl who would listen to all of her sister’s whims to one who would stand up to the very same sister. The way Charitra Chandran brought Edwina’s naivety and her changes to life is impeccable, to say the least.

The Bride, The Groom, and The Sister

The scene begins with a beautiful Edwina walking into the church. Just as brides are, Edwina was kept hidden from the entire crew. So, the look of awe we see on all of their faces is not acting, but a genuine reaction. Simone Ashley also comments on the “proud sister moment.” She commented, “I was just beaming. It really didn’t require much acting at all.”

As for Edwina, she is much too engrossed in her own world, her mind preoccupied with the idea of getting married to a man seemingly so perfect. Charithra Chandran also addressed fans who had questions about why Edwina didn’t notice the tension between Anthony and Kate. She talked about how “it’s not even a thought in her head.” Continuing, she said, “It’s just beyond her even thought process”.

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Edwina’s character development in Bridgerton

Right after all the yearning and angst that the Netflix series has become popular for comes a crucial part of the scene. It is the moment where Edwina finally notices what was right in front of her all this time. When Anthony picks up Kate’s bracelet, Edwina experiences a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions that result in her jilting Lord Bridgerton.

As for the jilting, we all have experienced a massive fear of tripping over our clothes. And Chandran is no stranger to this either. With a dress that long and exquisite and flowers everywhere, she was constantly worried she would either damage the dress or hurt herself. But, to her surprise, it was pretty easy.

Following this comes a scene that, according to Chandran, falls in the category of “the kind of scenes that make you want to be an actor.” It is after running away from her own wedding that fans of Bridgerton finally see the side of Edwina they had been waiting for. She is angry and devastated. And this time, she isn’t afraid to put it all out.

Why Edwina was so angry toward Kate and not Anthony is a question that left all fans of the series confused. Chandran speaks about how this finds its roots in her love for her sister. Considering the bond the two shared, Edwina expected Kate not to lie about or hide her feelings, especially in a situation like this. While Anthony was just another man Edwina quickly gets over, Kate is her beloved sister.

Hence, Edwina feels understandably betrayed by Kate, with the betrayal erupting out of her in the form of anger.

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