“True bro-manship”: Jonathan Bailey on His Relationship With His Costars, Working With Joe Jonas and ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

“True bro-manship”: Jonathan Bailey on His Relationship With His Costars, Working With Joe Jonas and ‘Bridgerton’ Season 2

Being a royal is never easy to ask the British Royal family. They’ll tell you how difficult it is to always be in proper code and conduct. What was even harder was to be a Royal in the Regency era, but somehow Jonathan Bailey makes it look easy. He will soon be seen in his royal attire gain when Bridgerton season 2 streams later this month.

In a collaboration between Tanqueray and Netflix, Bridgerton star Jonathan taught the royal ways to Joe Jonas. And the British actor shared his experience of working with one of the Jonas brothers in an interview. Let us take a look at what he had to say.

How was working with Joe?

In an interview with POPSUGAR, Johnathan talked about working with Joe. He said that the fact he got to work with the most iconic Jonas of all time was very inspiring for him. “I get to meet the iconic, ultimate, all-time bro and head of the family, Joe Jonas,” Bailey said.

Jokingly, Bailey says that now that he has worked with him he’ll bring his learning to season 3 (can’t wait to see him). He says that he’ll have to bring a lot of modern dance moves with him in the future season.

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Bromance with Thompson and Newton

As soon as the Bridgerton season started streaming on Netflix, fans started drawing parallels among Anthony, Benedict, and Colin. Fans thought that they were just like the Jonas brothers.

Bailey also spoke about his relationship with actors Luke Thompson and Luke Newton (who play Benedict and Colin, respectively). Johnathan remarked by saying that it was his first time experiencing “true bro-manship” with his fellow castmates.

While talking about working with them in the future Johnathan said “I look forward to much more in the future as well.” Well, so are we!

Johnathan Bailey on his character in Bridgerton season 2

As seen in the trailer for season two, we have the love triangle in which Anthony is will be the primary focus of the season.

While talking about his characters state in the newest season Bailey says that “We meet Anthony [in season two] at a point where he’s sort of at his lowest ebb in terms of how he feels about himself but also how other people feel about him and his actions,” 

We will have to wait till March 25th for the new season to drop and find out as to how big of a mess is Anthony really in.

Bridgerton will be streaming only on Netflix.

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