Bridgerton Actress Ruby Stokes to Star in ‘Lockwood and Co’, an Upcoming Series Adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s Book

Bridgerton Actress Ruby Stokes to Star in ‘Lockwood and Co’, an Upcoming Series Adaptation of Jonathan Stroud’s Book

While Netflix might have found its magical success potion in the true crime genre, a classic that we can never forget is supernatural thrillers. Netflix is ready to bring to the platform one of its next large Originals now that Money Heist has ended. The name of this series is Lockwood and Co.

What is Lockwood and Co about?

Like most other hit shows on Netflix like The Witcher and Bridgerton, Lockwood and Co is also based on a book series. However, just as the case is with The Witcher and Bridgerton, this doesn’t take away from the intrigue and suspense of the shows. If anything, we have found time and again how the existence of a source novels series adds more depth to the plot and characters of a show.

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Lockwood and Co begin with a blooming and charismatic entrepreneur named Anthony Lockwood. However, Anthony is involved in a very competitive and distinctive field. Lockwood and Co. is a psychic investigation agency that handles all the dangerous supernatural work. However, a dangerous situation referred to as a “Problem” befalls the city of London. Lockwood must team up with Lucy Carlyle and George Karim (George Cubbins in the book).

The cast and release date of Lockwood and Co

Making his debut appearance in the Netflix Original is Cameron Chapman in the role of Anthony Lockwood. Bridgerton actress Ruby Stokes will play the role of Lucy Carlyle. George Karim will be played by Ali Hadji-Heshmati (Alex Rider). Based on a book primarily surrounding teenagers, the series is heavily dependent on young and upcoming actors and actresses.

Other stars we will see in Lockwood and Co are:

  • Ivanno Jeremiah (Humans) as Inspector Barnes
  • Luke Treadaway (Attack the Block) as The Golden Blade
  • Morven Christie (The Bay) as Penelope Fittes
  • Jack Bandeira (Gunpowder Milkshake) as Quill Kipps
  • Ben Crompton (Game of Thrones) as Julius Winkman
  • Hayley Konadu (Imperfect) as Flo Bones
  • Rhianna Dorris (The Kid Who Would Be King) as Kat Godwin
  • Paddy Holland (Invasion) as Bobby Vernon

The filming of the 8 episode season began in the July of 2021 and finally concluded in March 2022. Hence, fans will probably see it before the end of 2022.

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Having seen just how well supernatural beings and teenagers work together in Stranger Things, we are pretty excited for the release of Lockwood and Co. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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