Chris Hemsworth Does Not Believe In “Millennials” in ‘Spiderhead’ for an Interesting Theory

Chris Hemsworth Does Not Believe In “Millennials” in ‘Spiderhead’ for an Interesting Theory

If you are born between the years 1995 and 2012, you belong to generation z. And if your birth year is between 1981 and 1996, you are a millennial kid. Being part of these generations means a lot in today’s world, especially in the pop-culture. However, for a scientific mind like Steve Abnesti from the Chris Hemsworth starrer Spiderhead, the concept is arbitrary at best.

Chris Hemsworth has some strong opinions!

In the movie Spiderhead, Chris, as Steve Abnesti, conduct experiments and observes the changes in the behaviour and reactions of the objects. Miles Teller, as Jeff, the subject, asks questions about the purpose of the emotion-controlling drugs. He is one of the objects for the experiment who’s curious about it.

Modern humans are about getting fast results. They cannot be patient. Therefore, they find shortcuts in everything. This sci-fi movie explores the dimension of controlling human emotions with drugs of a different kind. For different emotions, there are different drugs.

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In the movie, Chris obviously is an ambitious man. He believes in science and not in superstitions. He doesn’t even believe in horoscopes. This division according to age is also a stupid idea for him. In this video, Steve expresses his opinions about this.

However, it happens generally that the one who believes in science and logic doesn’t believe in things like horoscopes. Steve even says that Millennial is an unfair word. He goes on to explain his point. “You think about it; someone arbitrarily decides that everyone born between this date and that date, they all act the same?” He compares this notion to a horoscope, but this is just stupider.

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This generalized idea of human behavior sounds stupid to him, which is quite understandable as he’s experimenting with the drugs affecting human emotions. This psychological thriller movie premiered on Netflix on June 17, 2022. Have you seen it yet? If not, watch Chris Hemsworth in a totally different way than Thor.

Watch Here: Spiderhead

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