Besides Drugs There Were Eggs That You Missed in Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Spiderhead’ on Netflix – Easter Eggs

Besides Drugs There Were Eggs That You Missed in Chris Hemsworth’s ‘Spiderhead’ on Netflix – Easter Eggs

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has made us all rather addicted to finding Easter Eggs in every single film or series we watch. So much so, that it is now a natural practice to sit down and pinpoint every single detail from the movie. And if the movie in question stars Thor aka Chris Hemsworth, it makes all the more sense to do it. Yes, the movie in question is, of course, the Netflix sci-fi thriller, Spiderhead.

So if you recently binged the Netflix movie, it is time for you to sit back and relax. As we’re here to point out some of the most fascinating easter eggs that you probably missed out on while watching the film. Let’s get started!

The tributes to other films in Spiderhead on Netflix

Something that is really detailed and yet sure to miss your eye if you don’t pay attention is the subtle references and homages in the film. Director Joseph Kosinski is well-known for inserting these details into his own films. One of the key images in the film was paid to Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining”. One of the earliest scenes of the movie is a direct parallel to the movie. The scene in question is, of course, Steve Abnesty’s arrival in his flat plane.

There are also subtle references to Kosinski’s own film, Top Gun: Maverick as well. Miles Teller, who stars in both the projects repeats the same line in the movie, “Ice Cold”. However, we also see a Rooster’s F-18 model in Jeff’s room. This is indeed a very intentional reference put in by the director.

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The colors and fashion of Spiderhead

Great attention to detail is the way colors are used in the movie. The entire interior of the Spiderhead is really warm. The shades of yellow that come in because of sunlight, the kitchen, and the bold yellow accents everywhere really give off a sense of safety. Which is rather contrary to everything that Spiderhead is.

Another place where colors play a great role is Steve Abnesty’s clothes. One would notice that most of his clothes give off a vibe of coolness. His glasses and the suits emit a feeling of assurance, making everyone in his presence feel comfortable. Pretty much like his Spiderhead, Chris Hemsworth‘s Steve himself makes for a friendly appearance as well. Which is only when he is in public. When he is alone, we see him wearing shades of dark red, which tell us about the turbulent things in his personal life.

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The author’s wink for Spiderhead Netflix

the movie is based on George Saunders’s short story, “Escape from Spiderhead”. And given the popularity of the author, it would be a shame to not include his references in the movie. We see one of the characters, Rogan reading Saunder’s collection of short stories, which makes the most obvious reference to the writer.

What is more interesting is that author Saunders himself wrote the final passage that concludes the movie. Kosinski reveals that he sent him 10 different versions of Jeff’s final voiceover, and one of them just stuck with him and made it to the film.

You can check out more Easter Eggs from the Netflix movie in the video above. And of course, leave any more easter eggs that you found in the comments below.

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