Chris Hemsworth Joins the Netflix’s Esteemed List of “villains that look absolutely breathtaking”, With the Recent Release of ‘Spiderhead’

Chris Hemsworth Joins the Netflix’s Esteemed List of “villains that look absolutely breathtaking”, With the Recent Release of ‘Spiderhead’

Netflix really deserves the credit for bringing us the hottest of villains. A bunch of Netflix thriller originals that fans love binging over popcorn and pizza wouldn’t be half as good without the antagonists. Netflix’s latest Spiderhead introduced us to the sexy baddie Chris Hemsworth.

Although he oozes charisma, Chris Hemsworth plays a highly unhinged scientist that is hell-bent on performing unethical trials on the inmates. If you want more charismatic hotties, here are other eye candies as bad as Steve Abnesti. 

Hot Netflix villains that came before Chris Hemsworth

Michael – Lucifer

The charming Tom Ellis plays Michael on Lucifer. Just like Chris, he can charm you into doing nasty things with just a smile. He is Lucifer Morningstar’s brother that had him banished to Hell. He served as the main villain in season 5. 

Bryce Walker – 13 Reasons Why

Justin Prentice played the standard jock, Bryce Walker on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. He was the co-captain of the baseball and football team at Liberty High. Popularity didn’t mean he was a good guy. Behind that smile was a rapist. He raped both Hannah and Jessica and denied it later.

Clark Olofsson – Clark 

The casting for Clark Olofsson was perfect. None can play the sly womanizing criminal other than Bill Skarsgard. No woman could resist Clark’s charms. Even when he was involved in a bank robbery, his captors turned against their rescuers and defended Clark. The incident became famous for coining the term Stockholm Syndrome.

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001 – Stranger Things 

When the Duffer brothers teased a new villain in Stranger Things, we didn’t expect an attractive human version of Vecna. Turns out Vecna’s visuals changed after he entered the Upside Down. But before that, he was pretty attractive as 001. No wonder Eleven trusted him. 

Ward Cameron – Outer Banks

Outer Banks has plenty of young hot males playing the nice guys, but Charles Esten’s Ward Cameron is the only one raising the temperature. He plays the nice father, who would stop at nothing to get his hands on the Royal Merchant.

Hop over to Netflix to have your fill of these bad guys! In the meantime, have you streamed Spiderhead, yet?

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