‘Spiderhead’ Cast Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett Does Not Need Love Drug Luvactin to Adore Each Other

‘Spiderhead’ Cast Chris Hemsworth, Miles Teller, and Jurnee Smollett Does Not Need Love Drug Luvactin to Adore Each Other

Netflix is currently streaming its latest sci-fi flick, Spiderhead starring Chirs Hemsworth, Jurnee Smollett and Miles Teller. It is adapted from George Saunders’ short story that was published in the New York Times. In the movie, Chris plays an unhinged visionary that runs Spiderhead, a facility that conducts drug trials on its inmates. Chris injects the inmates with several mind-altering drugs from Verbaluce to Luvactin. But a recent interview showcases the Spiderhead cast expressing their love for one another without the need for Luvactin.

Even the Spiderhead cast can’t stop talking about Chris Hemsworth’s good looks 

In a fun little segment with Netflix, Miles Teller, who plays Jeff in the movie mentioned how stunned he was when he first met Hemsworth. Smollett on the other hand referred to the Thor actor’s personality and called him a hard worker. His reel partner, Smollett said Miles is “all heart“. Hemsworth, on the other hand, described the Top Gun star as “annoying, lovable, and skillful“. 

Joseph Kosinski’s ambitious little project is a slow burn with a lot of challenging scenes. The Laffodil scene was one of them. Both Hemsworth and Teller had to laugh on cue for hours until they could get the perfect shot. However, Hemsworth chose the last scene as the most challenging one for him. The last scene was him flying a plane while his MobiPak is malfunctioning. This results in him experiencing a variety of emotions, which was fascinating to watch.

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Hemsworth would plot an escape plan out of Spiderhead while Teller will just concentrate on his food 

Teller has an exhausting menu that he wants to eat before he takes his last breath. But we can’t really blame him for that! He also knows what he wants to do before heading off to Spiderhead: have the best time with his dear ones. And for Smollett, it’s her son. On the other hand, Hemsworth will draw out an escape plan to prevent stepping food in that place! 

We are loving the positive energy we are getting from the Spiderhead cast, are you?

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