‘Top Boy’: Is Sully Capable of Love? Explore the Character’s Softer Side

‘Top Boy’: Is Sully Capable of Love? Explore the Character’s Softer Side

Top Boy season 4 just recently landed on the streamer, with eight new episodes. After the events of the last season, season 4 followed Dushane and Sully as they continued to expand their drug empire. The series came to a shocking end that left fans gasping. Sully is a long-time associate of Dushane. But as tough as he looks, the man has a softer side that is often overlooked. The writers reveal these facets of Sully throughout Top Boy season 4. 

He laughs openly with Jason

It’s very rare to see Sully laugh so heartily with anyone on the show. Considering the dangerous business that he is in, he cannot let down his guards. But he finds Jason amusing when he goes fishing and mistakes a crab for a lobster. He offers Jason his advice on women like an older brother would. Plus he plays with a dog! If the man plays with a dog, he is by default a nice person. 

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His moments with his dear daughter, Tash, are especially endearing. In those scenes, he is not a drug dealer, but a mere father with utmost adoration in his eyes for his daughter. He only wishes to create a safe space for her and has discussions about aliens and unicorns with her. He is even ready to read a children’s storybook for her. 

Sully’s visit to Dushane’s mother in Top Boy 

Sully has a deep love and respect for Dushane’s mother. The scene is extremely poignant with him explaining how much he enjoyed her food. In this scene, you forget for a second that he’s a cold-hearted murderer and a criminal. 

Because of the nature of his business, Sully often struggles to trust people and let himself open up to them in Top Boy. But it’s Lizzie that gets to see his vulnerable side. He confesses to her, “Where I’ve been, people ain’t really that nice to me.” 

His mental health had been in tatters since he killed Dris in season 3. And we get a glimpse of it when he talks about the noises in his head. Fortunately, Sully finds emotional support in Lizzie. And by the end of the series, they hook up.

What are your thoughts on Sully on the show and his soft side?

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