Top Boy Season 2 Ending: Decoding the Illogical Finale and Answering Fans’ Questions

Top Boy Season 2 Ending: Decoding the Illogical Finale and Answering Fans’ Questions

What happened in the Top Boy season 4 ending that has the Twitteratis losing their calm? Well, the writers clearly wanted to close out that chapter real quick. The much anticipated Netflix series was back for its fourth run on March 18th. The show premiered with eight episodes. Fans binged watched the hell out of the show on the weekend to finally let all their frustrations out on Twitter. 

Top Boy season 4 ending: what’s the joke?

The Top Boy season 4 ending features a lot of deaths. There’s one death in particular that you did not see it coming. In season 4, Sully and Dushane patched up to realize their dream of a bigger empire. Moreover, the biggest shock was when Jamie opened the door and Sully put a bullet through his skull. It is this scene that has triggered all the jokes among the fans who just can’t digest the stupid plot hole. 

For a show that is based on the world of drugs, Jamie’s behavior and mannerism were pretty stupid. It is inevitable that one would make enemies in such a business. And Jamie has a lot of enemies. Despite that, he never checks who’s at the door before he opens it. 

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Who killed Jamie and why?  

Jamie did his fair share of bad deeds. At the beginning of the series, he gets out of jail and starts working for Sully’s associate, Dushane. But Dushane again puts him back where he picked him up from. He frames Jamie for the possession of a weapon and he’s soon arrested. Jamie leaves for Morocco to set some business deals in motion. The sudden death of ATS posed difficulties in his plans as Kit accidentally killed ATS. 

Drake revived the show in 2019

Channel 4 originally aired the show in the 2010s. The show was canceled after two seasons. Soon after the show dropped on Netflix and Drake watched the show, he came on board as an executive producer. The new show was titled Top Boy: Summerhouse and was released in 2019. The popular theory is, Sully just wanted to eliminate a thorn or a future risk and had Jamie killed. 

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