‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Julia Quinn Gives a Sneak Peek and Reveals THIS Character Is Getting Her Own Show

‘Bridgerton’ Season 2: Julia Quinn Gives a Sneak Peek and Reveals THIS Character Is Getting Her Own Show

Bridgerton season 2 premiere is getting closer and ahead of it, Julia Quinn spoils us with one big reveal during the But Have You Read The Book interview. The romance writer did dream big, but not “dream that big” when she sold the rights to adapt the book series to Shondaland. “Hollywood doesn’t generally turn to romance novels for source material,” she says. 

She was as shocked after the finale as the fans 

Julia Quinn is not involved in the production of the series. She mostly keeps her “hands-off” of the series. When she read the original draft, the Shondaland team had included a red herring. She was utterly shocked after the reveal: Penelope Featherington is Lady Whistledown

“Well, I think it had to happen because in truth anybody could have just googled it,” she explained since the identity of Lady Whistledown is known among the book readers. 

The Queen is getting her own show

According to Julia, The Queen is the best addition to the show. The novels doesn’t have the character, but now Julia thinks she’s “magnificent”. The author felt regret for not having such a character in her book series but then confessed she couldn’t have written the character better. Golda Rosheuvel’s character was so popular with the fans that Shonda is developing a show on her. 

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Her favorite scene in Bridgerton season 2 is a nod to Pride and Prejudice 

Nobody can resist Anthony Bridgerton, not even the author herself! In a scene in Bridgerton season 2, Anthony gets jealous seeing Kate Sharma on a boating date with another suitor. While trying to showcase he’s better than the suitor, he trips and falls into a lake taking Kate’s date with him. The scene would have been embarrassing if not for him emerging out of the lake, wet and in a white shirt. Quinn also mentioned that she liked the Pall Mall scene as well. 

On changing Sheffield to Sharmas on Bridgerton season 2 

Shonda Rhimes changed the original last names from Sheffield to Sharmas for the upcoming season to make the cast more diverse. 

“And it makes such perfect sense because historically there was a lot of movement between India and England at that time.” 

“And representation really matters,” Quinn adds. The Sharma sisters, Kate and Edwina, are from Bombay, India. The creators have added nuances to their characters to reflect their Indian heritage. 

The regency period drama is coming back for a season 2 on March 25th. And Quinn is convinced that the “book fans are going to love it!” Well, if early reviews are accurate, then we too think Quinn’s prediction may not be far off.

Are you excited for Bridgerton season 2 to drop? Comments down below.

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