The Icons With #Kanthony and #Bridgerton on Twitter Have a Special Meaning – Check Here

The Icons With #Kanthony and #Bridgerton on Twitter Have a Special Meaning – Check Here

As Bridgerton season 2 premiere landed on the bed of roses, the stage is set with romance, drama, courting, fatherly flashbacks, marriage season, and a very special gossipmonger- Lady Whistledown. Columnist Lady Whistledown has a love/hate relationship with her readers because of her way of writing columns. But, readers might love or hate her, but surely very popular among them.

The show takes us to Regency-era in London with a touch of 21st-century glam. After Daphne and Simon Basset, the Duke, it’s time to witness the romance of Jonathan Bailey as Anthony Bridgerton and Simone Ashley as Kate Sharma. With their blooming romance, and the intense scene of Kate and Anthony. Twitter is trending with #kanthony– signifying the steamy romance.

Their chemistry fully blown fans, and they are applauding with joy because Jonathan Bailey and Simone Ashley are successful in highlighting their story, as intense as in the books. Or can be more than that. Their “push-pull” chemistry is absolutely to die for.

Why #kanthony is trending on Twitter?

As the romance of Kate, played by Simone Ashley and Anthony, played by Jonathan Bailey, was blooming, the intense, steamy gesture impressed fans. But one moment in the 3rd episode has caught our eyes. The episode with the title, “A Bee in Your Bonnet”, witness the beginning of the physical attraction between Kate and Anthony.

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Playing mallet together is a custom of the Bridgerton family. But this time, Featheringtons, Lady Danbury, and the Sharmas also joined the family.

Kate has chosen Anthony’s black mallet of death and only pink mallet has left for Anthony.

During their game, Kate was stung by a bee, and Anthony was terrified by the actions. As he saw his father dying in front of him, just by a stung of a bee. He panicked and Kate empathized with his behavior. That was the moment they felt there was a strong, intense physical attraction between them.

So, with their growing steamy romance, fans going crazy for Kate and Anthony’s on-screen romance. We can conclude, bee and mallet have a definite huge role in bringing the two stubborn heads together. They are quite similar to each other- stubborn, lost faith in love, straightforward. We guess that’s why they are repelling each other from the beginning.

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