Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Trailer Drops – What is and Who Are on Stake for $200,000

Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Trailer Drops – What is and Who Are on Stake for $200,000

Too Hot To Handle, Netflix’s new reality television show is back with season 3. With a new cast, and bigger prize money, the stakes are high this time. Find here the trailer of Too Hot To Handle season 3:

What is Too Hot To Handle about?

Reality television shows aren’t a rarity. But each of them has a catch that sets them apart. For Too Hot To Handle, it is the dating ban.

The show is filled with contestants of the kind you’d see in reality television shows related to dating, not unlike The Bachelor. Just like The Bachelor, this Netflix Original reality television show involves a group of young adults who are living the Casanova and femme fatale lives. They were tricked into going on a vacation with a number of attractive people of their age. Upon arrival, however, they discovered that anything close to physical or sexual contact would lead to consequences.

The consequences this time around involved deduction in the ultimate prize. From the total prize of $200,000, an amount will de be deducted every time any players come close to sexual contact, even kissing. The final amount after deduction would be given to one or more than one winner(s). Considering the environment they were in, this was an arduous task for these contestants. Will they be able to take home the whopping prize of $200,000, or will players return home disappointed?

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Who are the contestants of Too Hot To Handle season 3?

While the concept of Too Hot To Handle has stayed the same since its very first season, the series brings in a new cast every year. Here’s the cast of season 3 and their personal Instagram accounts:











Each of these contestants is in their 20s, some of them being as young as 22 and the oldest being 29. Considering how the contestants are kept secret, we do not know much about them or their personal lives. Fans will see fresh glimpses of these players when the first episode is released.

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Too Hot To Handle will be back on Netflix on January 19, 2022. Reality television fans, save the date!

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