What Is ‘20 Somethings: Austin’ – Netflix’s New Reality Show? Release, Cast, Format, and More

What Is ‘20 Somethings: Austin’ – Netflix’s New Reality Show? Release, Cast, Format, and More

Autumn has come and gone and so has the demand the season sees for horror. With winter around the corner, viewers’ demand for feel-good shows, and movies has increased significantly. Catering to these demands is Netflix, the world’s largest streaming platform. From romcoms to wholesome Christmas-themed animated movies, the platform has it all. Reality television fans aren’t ignored either as Netflix releases 20 Somethings: Austin.

What is this reality show about?

When was the last time you saw a reality television series that was heartwarming instead of dramatic? There really aren’t many options for the same out there. To make sure reality television fans also get their share of wholesome shows, Netflix has released its show 20 Somethings. This coming-of-age tale follows eight young adults as they search for love and happiness in Austin, Texas.

Having to deal with the highs and lows of adulthood all at once may be exhausting. For most people, their 20s are the best years of their life; they’re wild, they’re quirky, and they’re only here once. Docuseries 20 Somethings: Austin examines the lives of eight young individuals all in their 20s, all living in the same neighborhood.

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Austin, Texas is a new home for this group of strangers. This group of naive young folks is all here in Austin to break out of their shells. As a group, they plan to work together to achieve both personal and professional success and help each other and themselves on the way.

The cast of 20 Somethings on Netflix

The cast of the Netflix Original reality series includes:

  • Abbey Humphreys: A 25-year-old divorcee who grew up in a conservative household. Humphreys is out to discover her bisexuality.
  • Michael Fractor: Fractor is an aspiring comedian who isn’t afraid of failure. The man is on the lookout for a girlfriend, preferably someone as “weird” as he is.
  • Isha Punja: This fashion designer has done it all- studied at UC Berkeley, suffered from depression, and managed to make the most out of life after her recovery.
  • Raquel Daniels: What’s a friend circle without an IT geek who is somehow incredibly cool? Daniels fills this quota while networking with people who share a love for staking and other things old-fashioned.
  • Keauno Perez: Another person discovering their sexuality in the series is Perez. Although he came out as gay three years prior to the airing of the show on Netflix, he has never dated any man, something he is very willing to change on 20 Somethings.
  • Kamari Bonds: Possessing both brains and the brawns is Kamari Bonds. He’s a model but looks isn’ all he has. The man is full of entrepreneurial ideas and still has space for a great amount of romance that he wishes to share with a woman.
  • Bruce Stephenson: Stephenson is a young sportsman who is juggling between his career aspirations, social life and a romantic relationship.
  • Natalie Cabo: Another person that wasn’t quite able to discover their romantic side due to conservative households is Cabo, who has never even dated anyone, a trait she is willing to change on 20 Somethings.

With a unique cast and concept, 20 Somethings: Austin is definitely a show worth checking out for all fans of reality television this Christmas.

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