What Is Netflix’s School of Chocolate – Know Everything About the Trending Show

What Is Netflix’s School of Chocolate – Know Everything About the Trending Show

When was the last time you saw a reality show without noticing the obvious dramatization? Most reality shows try too hard to keep viewers hooked to their screens by using tactics like eliminating a perfectly great contestant or people just yelling at each other. If you’re sick and tired of the same, then School of Chocolate on Netflix is going to be just your thing.

Shows like MasterChef and Hell’s Kitchen are great to watch. Not only have they revived the art of cooking in mainstream pop culture but they have also brought something different to the table of reality television.

But, now they are gradually losing touch with the art they’re based on. The primary aim of these shows now seems to be intense drama. From all the yelling and sabotaging to the intrigue of watching contestants get eliminated, everything is there to add to the entertainment instead of making the show more informative or insightful. If you’re looking for a show that focuses on cooking as the art it is and stays authentic to its roots, then School of Chocolate couldn’t have arrived on Netflix at a better time.

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School of Chocolate, the Netflix baking competition minus the drama

School of Chocolate features French chocolatier Amaury Guichon. Through the course of the eight-episode series, Guichon trains, and mentors eight selected students. The eight compete, of course, for a prize package of $50,000, along with a masterclass at Guichon’s Las Vegas pastry academy, another prize worth $100,000. Adding to this are life-changing career opportunities of a one-on-one session with Cacao Barry’s globally recognized chefs to make his own signature chocolate and a spot at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival.

Through the course of the series, we watch a refreshing take on reality television itself. No one gets eliminated in School of Chocolate. Instead of eliminating contestants that do not perform as well as the others, School of Chocolate takes a different approach. The bottom two chefs get one-on-one lessons from Guichon instead of participating in the team challenge like the rest of the members do.

Taking a route different from all the intense drama of usual reality television, School of Chocolate on Netflix is a must-watch for all lovers of baking.

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