TJ Miller vs Ryan Reynolds: The ‘Mean’ Debate Uncovers Another Reynolds’ Comment

TJ Miller vs Ryan Reynolds: The ‘Mean’ Debate Uncovers Another Reynolds’ Comment

Ryan Reynolds and co-star TJ Miller seem to be working things out. The Deadpool actors both found a good breakthrough when they were cast into the Marvel movie. The movie’s mass success has built a good fan base, thanks to the humorous character of the Merc with a Mouth. Miller appeared in the first two installments of the franchise as the lead’s best friend.

His character bartender Weasel became a fan favorite, which did not get overshadowed by Ryan’s role and presence. Despite the two sharing wonderful reel chemistry, things are not so rosy between them in real life. TJ already spoke about it recently and has now given an update about his situation with the Free Guy actor.

Will TJ Miller be part of Ryan Reynolds starrer Deadpool 3?

Miller managed to steal the show with his character and performance in the first two installations of Deadpool. But despite the big opportunity, he did not seem keen on working on the third part. And the reason he cited was Reynolds’s behavior towards him. He mentioned the issue during the Adam Carolla Show about Ryan being “horrifically mean” to him one day during the movie shoot. Apparently, Ryan Reynolds called him by his character name Weasel and remarked that Miller’s role was limited to adding a funny angle to the film, so the audience can then get back to the actual film.

But since then, there has been an update wherein Miller cleared the air with “It was a misunderstanding.” According to him, the Deadpool 3 hero contacted him after Miller’s interview to straighten things out between them. Apparently, the Ted actor approached TJ to discuss the issue the latter had, and the two solved the issue amicably.

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Rather, the comedian blamed the media for nitpicking on the wrong things from the interview. In fact, he defended his statements by saying, “I didn’t think I had said anything that was that negative.” Though his former statement “It’s weird that he hates me” makes it difficult to really decode the intention behind it. So far, TJ has not been asked to reprise his role in Deadpool 3.

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