Throwback to Sadie Sink Making Fun of Millie Bobby Brown’s British Accent

Throwback to Sadie Sink Making Fun of Millie Bobby Brown’s British Accent

Stranger Things is a world of friendships where these kids became true buddies, working together all these years. We have seen all the cast members do fun behind the scenes, pranking, and bantering in their free time. In this misfit group, Millie Bobby Brown was the only girl until Sadie Sink entered in season 2.

The young actress instantly befriended everyone, especially Brown, and they became besties. They both have plenty of adorable moments on-screen and off-screen, for we continually have seen these BFFs spending time together. With time, they have bonded so strongly that they know everything about each other. They even know how one of them would react to a situation or what they will do. So, when Sink had to answer a “what will she do” question about Millie, The Whale actress did so in a hilarious way.

Sadie Sink joked about how Millie Bobby Brown would respond to scary scenes

In a promotional interview with Cosmopolitan, Sadie Sink, Priah Ferguson, and Caleb McLaughlin played a game of Most Likely To. In the video, the cast of Stranger Things revealed many things from stealing to a possible spin-off.

During the game, one of the questions that came up was: “Who gets most scared watching a horror movie?” In response to the question Caleb gave Millie’s name while Sink agreed to him saying “that’s true, that’s true she’s some good reaction screams in British”.

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Since England is the home country of Millie Bobby Brown, she has a distinct accent. Although the actor was born in Spain, she moved back to the UK with her family later. Currently, she is splitting her time between London and Atlanta, Georgia.

Millie and Sadie share a positive connection of strength and love

Millie and Sadie became friends from the moment they met on the set of Stranger Things. They have had the best time together shooting the show while they also visited each other at homes. The duo is so close they call themselves sisters and even went on vacation to Cabo together.

In an interview with Glamour UK, Dear Zoe star revealed how she adores the work Millie is doing.

“It’s funny looking back at the early steps of her developing her products and where she is now, I’m very proud of everything she’s been able to accomplish,” said Sink.

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They also address each other with cute code names Ketchup and Mustard, and it is certainly is the definition of true friendship. What do you think about these BFFs supporting each other? Tell us your views in the comment box.

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