Can Millie Bobby Brown Speak Spanish After Having to Move Countries During Her Formative Years?

Can Millie Bobby Brown Speak Spanish After Having to Move Countries During Her Formative Years?

Millie Bobby Brown has proven herself to be an exceptional actress. The British actress is a master of accents and is able to pick up on them with ease, as demonstrated multiple times and mostly on Stranger Things. So, it is not surprising that despite being born in Spain, she can speak with a flawless British accent. However, considering how good she is with languages and given her Spanish origins, does Brown know Spanish?

Turns out, fans are just as curious about her Spanish skills, so much so that it was a trending question on Google when it came to Millie Bobby Brown. The question came up in a Wired interview segment on YouTube, and the actress clarified where she stands in Spanish fluency.

Millie Bobby Brown on her Spanish

During Stranger Things promotions, the actress gave a YouTube Wired interview with co-stars, Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp. In a round of Web’s most searched questions, the last question asked if Millie Bobby Brown is Spanish. She clarified, “I am not Spanish but I was born in Spain,” and added that she is fully British.

Hilariously, Noah asked if she could speak something Spanish, and the word she uttered was ‘Oui,’ which means yes, in French. So, it is clear that although Millie Bobby Brown was born in Spain, she does not speak the language anymore.

Millie once mentioned the Spanish influence on her in her younger years. In her YouTube interview for Teen Vogue, she was asked about her first word as a baby. She said, “My first word was Caca. I was born in Spain, can’t help it!” The word Caca in Spanish means poop. Therefore, the actress could probably speak Spanish moderately well until she moved to England. That said, give her a Spanish show she can be obsessed over, and she will probably pick up the language.

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Millie did that with her American accent, as admitted by the actress on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon that she learned the accent through Hannah Montana, a show she feels is worthy of Oscar nominations. “Yes. Absolutely. I watched Bugsy Malone and Godfather when I was like 8,” added the actress.

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