This New Will Smith Edit by a Fan Will Leave You Rolling Over the Slapgate Incident All Over Again

This New Will Smith Edit by a Fan Will Leave You Rolling Over the Slapgate Incident All Over Again

Will Smith, in a span of a few months, went from being an Oscar hero to an Oscar villain. The heavy criticism he received for the action forced him to go undercover for a long time. However, the actor also has some upcoming projects, which likely forced him to get out of his shell and work on putting the incident behind him.

Now, while Smith seems ready to do so, it seems like fans are enjoying the meme content a bit too much. Despite how serious the topic of his actions is, the world of the internet is not done with being creatively funny about it. In fact, one fan just took it to another level.

How a Will Smith edit video has taken the slap gate incident to another level

Who knew that the Oscar night would turn from being shocking to hilarious? Chris Rock is likely not forgiving Smith anytime soon, and neither are their fans. A new Instagram video posted by a fan is the perfect example. The video is made by the account Sandmax24. It is a hilarious mini-song that goes Will Smith is a blacksmith. As the images go back and forth between Smith’s photo to that of a blacksmith and ultimately the edit of which ends up in Jada Smith’s pocket.

It likely was a hint at speculations that Jada was the one who incited Smith to slap Rock, showing the control she has over her husband’s actions. Although the I Am Legend actor has denied these allegations, continuing to take the heat all for himself.

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The creative song post which was originally made on TikTok has more than 2k likes on Instagram so far and people are absolutely loving it. The user’s profile has more similar celebrity posts with a fun twist to them. He has garnered nearly 53.2k followers and has previously posted about Mike Tyson, rhyming him with Bison and Russell (Crowe) as muscle Crowe.

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