Fans Draw Hilariously Accurate Parallels Between ‘House of the Dragon’s Daemon Targaryen and Will Smith’s Oscar Incident

Fans Draw Hilariously Accurate Parallels Between ‘House of the Dragon’s Daemon Targaryen and Will Smith’s Oscar Incident

Creativity is the first thing that fans are never shy to show on social media about their favorite show. They equally love to revel in the controversies and rumors and bring out a new hysterical angel to it. Thus, it is not a new thing that fan conversations pick up fire instantly as their ideas are always unique. Only this time, they roped in Will Smith and an epic fantasy series

Things just strike right where it needs to be, thanks to their hawk-eyed heed to every detail. Likewise, fans recently drew hilariously accurate parallels between House of The Dragon‘s Daemon Targaryen, played by Matt Smith, and Will Smith’s Oscar Incident. What is the connection they found? Are the Smiths similar in some way? 

Will Smith and Daemon Targaryen have similar reactions when it comes to women

Now that the dust of the infamous Oscar incident has started to settle, fans have added a new twist to it. We know they reflect on things deeply and dive into the core of every possibility they could find. With such thinking capacity, this time, fans have brought the prequel of Game of Thrones, Matt Smith, and eminent actor Will Smith in one frame.

Fans picked the resemblance between the slapping incident at the Oscars to Daemon Targaryen. The world witnessed the Men in Black star stuck Chris Rock who made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith. Similarly, in the eighth episode of House of the Dragon, when Vaemond insults Rhaenyra and her children, Daemon cuts off his head.

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How the two men stand for their wives if anyone tries to disgrace them led fans to draw parallels. Although Will Smith told the host to keep his wife’s name out of his mouth, Daemon took stand in more violent way. But ultimately, both reacted to their situations in anger and didn’t think about the consequence of that action.

Fan reactions

What do you think about this hilarious comparison between Will Smith and Matt Smith’s character? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. Until then, keep Netflix-ing and stay tuned with us for more such unique fan discoveries.

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