Did You Know Will Smith Made 10 Times More Money From ‘Suicide Squad’ Than What Ryan Reynolds Was Promised for ‘Deadpool’?

Did You Know Will Smith Made 10 Times More Money From ‘Suicide Squad’ Than What Ryan Reynolds Was Promised for ‘Deadpool’?

The world of entertainment not only makes people famous but also provides an affluent life. Great performers become bankable stars as they get paid according to their talent. The salary of an artist is based on the box office performances of their movies. Currently, two of those actors counted among the highest-paid actors include Will Smith and Ryan Reynolds.

The Red Notice star has been starring in big-budget movies for the last decade and the credit goes to impeccable acting. Whereas our Fresh Prince has been sweeping millions for a long time from Men in Black to King Richard. But did you know Smith made 10 times more money from Suicide Squad than what Reynolds was promised for Deadpool?

Will Smith left Ryan Reynolds behind as he bagged an 8-Figure Salary for Suicide Squad

Ryan Reynolds is currently the golden boy of Netflix as he gets an 8-figure salary for his movies. But there was a time when Will Smith was a box-office hit and got paid high even at that time. The 2016 superhero film Suicide Squad depicted a supervillain team based on DC Comics.

The drama cast Will Smith as Floyd Lawton, an expert marksman and assassin. Although the movie didn’t receive positive remarks, it still made stunning numbers in theaters and earned $746.8 million. The actor was paid $20 million for portraying the deadly character of Deadshot. On the other hand, Ryan only got a payment of $2 million while Deadpool grossed $780 million over the cost of $58 million.

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The connection here between Suicide Squad and Deadpool movies is that both premiered in 2016. It was the time when Ryan was rising to stardom with his roles. However, Smith was already an established actor in the industry.

What is the current salary of these stars in Hollywood?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Will Smith currently gross about $30 million per movie. As per the report, he will be paid $35 million for thriller Emancipation. Also, the net worth of the Collateral Beauty star is $350 million, including his various endeavors.

Whilst, Ryan Reynolds gets a payday of $20 million to star in a movie. And the net worth of this Canadian actor is $150 million and it will probably rise if we see his recent projects, since the shooting of highly anticipated Deadpool 3 has started and the actor is a part of Marvel Universe now.

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In the light of the slapgate, do you think Smith’s pay per movie will reduce? Write down your thoughts in the comments below.

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