“Oh, I would have went right out there” – Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Will Smith and Chris Rock’s Oscar Slapgate

“Oh, I would have went right out there” – Jimmy Kimmel Addresses Will Smith and Chris Rock’s Oscar Slapgate

Will Smith became a talking point worldwide after the Oscar incident with Comedian Chris Rock. The actor walked to the stage and struck the host who made a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith. I Am Legend star found it offensive and that moment of rage led to the headlines of news for months. He was also banned from the Academy Awards for ten years and apologized to Chris later.

Although the incident spread like fire on social media and people gave their opinions about the situation. Jimmy Kimmel, who is a comedian and host, felt connected to the unfortunate thing that happened at the awards. The American television host expressed his views on the slap gate that still echoes in the corners of Hollywood.

Jimmy Kimmel would have reacted differently to the Will Smith incident

In a recent conversation with Howard Stern on the Sirius XM radio show, Jimmy Kimmel opened up about the Oscar incident. The late-night talk show presenter said he would have handled things differently if he were present there. Kimmel who hosted the Oscars twice previously once made a joke about the incident.

“The second I saw Will Smith get up out of the seat I’d have been half way to the Wetzel’s Pretzels, enjoying the samples in front of the store,” stated Jimmy at the time.

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However, this time Kimmel dwelled on the gravity of the situation and said he would have supported Chris Rock. And he wouldn’t have waited for anyone to react since nobody came for him that night. “I would have went right out on stage because somebody needed to go out there at that time,” he told the radio host.

Moreover, he added that he would have talked to Smith or asked him “What are you doing?”. Moving forward, he recalled the moment when he stepped on the stage to announce La La Land as Best Picture over Moonlight. Kimmel said in the 2017 ceremony nobody knew what to do at that moment of time.

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So he took the responsibility on himself because he was the host of the award night and had to do it. Similarly, he would have taken a stand for Chris Rock or at least would have done something on that ground. Do you agree with Jimmy Kimmel? Let us know your views in the comment section.

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