“…this may sound very strange” – Gilbert Owuor Reveals His Experience of Working With the ‘Emancipation’ Star, Will Smith

“…this may sound very strange” – Gilbert Owuor Reveals His Experience of Working With the ‘Emancipation’ Star, Will Smith

After the Oscars incident, Will Smith appeared in a major film named Emancipation. Based on the real life of Peter and/or Gordon, the film received mixed reviews. However, it gave The Fresh Prince a new start in the journey post-slap fiasco. While many actors have previously opened up about how they felt while working with Smith, his co-star, Gilbert Owuor, also revealed his feelings as he worked with him in the film.

Emancipation has given the American actor another chance to get back in the league. He revealed the struggles on Red Table Talk when he appeared with his kids. Taking them on a journey of the time when there was slavery, the Men in Black actor opened up about some scenes. In the same interview, Ben Foster revealed how honored he felt working with Smith. And now, Gilbert Owuor opened up about it in his interview with Nation.

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Gilbert Owuor says Will Smith is the humblest co-actor

As a person reaches the top, he sometimes becomes greedy and arrogant. But as Owuor revealed, it wasn’t the case with the Aladdin actor. It was a huge opportunity for Owuor to work with the Oscar-winning actor in Emancipation. Recalling his experience with the actor, he revealed, some actors leave their celebrityhood out of the door. They talk to you as a peer and make it about work only. This was the case with Will Smith, according to Owuor.

He said he didn’t even feel he was working with the Focus actor. “In fact, and this may sound very strange, it never felt like I was even working with Will Smith,” said the Kenyan actor. Smith was extremely one with his character. Therefore, whenever he interacted with anyone, he would talk to them as the character. This much dedication and hard work the actor had put in to justify his character. The co-actor also remembered an incident when some extras asked Smith for guidance. At that point, he stepped out of his Emancipation character for a while to talk to them. As soon as he finished the conversation, he changed his character.

How incredible it is to embody a character so deeply! Well, praising this quality of the King Richard star, Owuor couldn’t stop gushing over Smith. He exclaimed, even after working for several days with him, every time he would feel, “Oh wow, that’s Will Smith!”

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Well, this is how the Aladdin actor made his co-actor feel. Have you watched Emancipation yet? If not, stream the film on Apple TV+ and share your favorite moment from the film with us.


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