“We had to lose Will” – Questlove Revealed the Reason Will Smith Couldn’t Be a Part of the 50th-Anniversary Celebration at the Grammy Awards

“We had to lose Will” – Questlove Revealed the Reason Will Smith Couldn’t Be a Part of the 50th-Anniversary Celebration at the Grammy Awards

The 50th anniversary of hip-hop music in the industry made the hip-hopers ecstatic. At the 65th Grammy Awards, the hip-hopers celebrated the genre with a special performance by classic singers. The performance included the pioneers of the music industry along with the new generation as well. While talking about the earlier rappers, how can anyone forget Will Smith? As the grand ceremony took its course with huge pomp and show, Questlove revealed the real reason for Smith’s absence. 

Will Smith’s journey as a well-established rapper of his age is not unknown to anyone. He started his career as a singer-songwriter. While representing his community via his music, he received a big break as The Fresh Prince. Therefore, while including the pioneers of hip-hop in the celebration, the Men in Black actor should not be forgotten. The actor has contributed to the genre to the best of his ability. Answering this question, Questlove revealed the truth.

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Why wasn’t Will Smith present at the Grammy Awards celebration?

As reported earlier and posted by the Aladdin actor as well, he got the green light for Bad Boys 4. Along with this action-comedy, the actor is also coming back with other sequels to his films. Therefore, he had an issue regarding managing time for the shooting and performing at the biggest celebration. As Questlove revealed, “There’s a lot of preliminary shots that he had to do, so we had to lose him,” as per Entertainment Weekly.

The American musician revealed Smith was busy with his Bad Boys 4 shooting. Thus, he had to drop out of the performance. He also informed Smith was going to make a surprise appearance at the performance. However, unfortunately, because of his shooting schedule, the actor chose to continue the film. Talking about the Suicide Squad actor’s choice, the 52-year-old musician revealed he understood Smith’s choice. In fact, there were a lot of other artists who had other jobs too. Therefore, by praising the Oscar-winner actor’s choice, Questlove appreciated his fellow artist.

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It would have been exciting to see Will Smith performing on stage once again. However, this is also exciting news for Smith fans. The actor has already started shooting for Bad Boys 4. Are you excited about Bad Boys 4?  While we await more news on the upcoming film, tell us if you wished to see Smith performing at the Grammy Awards.  

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