“This looks identical”: NBA Stars Explain How ‘Hustle’ Recreated NBA Combine on Netflix

“This looks identical”: NBA Stars Explain How ‘Hustle’ Recreated NBA Combine on Netflix

Sports movies out of any genre need to be the most authentic. Mainly because different sports are consumed by millions, if not billions, every day, and if a movie doesn’t get the raw feel of a particular sport or event, it is bound to flop. However, Netflix did more than an amazing job in keeping Hustle as real and genuine as possible. Throughout the film, you can spot multiple NBA icons appearing in the movie.

But the movie did not just have cameos from some of the biggest names in the world of basketball. It also recreated some of the events in the most honest way. One of them is the NBA Combine scene. The Combine is not only essential to NBA but was a crucial part of the film. So getting it right was a do-or-die situation.

Luckily, the film succeeded in replicating the scouting event unlike ever seen before. But how was Netflix able to do it? Find out the secret behind the Combine scene down below.

How did Netflix keep the emotions of basketball real in Hustle?

Adam Sandler is a big-time basketball fans. So when he decides to do a film based on the magnificent sport, you can bet it’ll be a great one. And Hustle did not disappoint in any way.

In the film, the war-like emotions of the game are so beautifully captured that one cannot believe they are watching a movie. And the scene that blew everyone away with its authenticity was the NBA Combine scene.

But to recreate one of the most crucial basketball events of the year is no easy task.

That’s why many real-life couches and scouts were present at the shooting to make the scene appear as real as possible and can even be seen in the film.

The honest portrayal of the Combine even impressed Greg St. Jean. Greg is a real-life assistant coach of the Dallas Mavericks and has also coached in multiple Combines.

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Jean is also seen in the movie coaching the hero, Bo Cruz. And while talking about shooting the scene, he said, “Earlier this summer, I coached at the NBA Combine. And from an authenticity standpoint, this looks identical.”

Do you guys agree that the Hustle portrayed basketball authentically? Feel free to share your answers with us in the comments.

Also, stream Hustle only on Netflix.

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