Does ‘Hustle’ Star And New York Knicks’ Fan Adam Sandler Play Basketball?

Does ‘Hustle’ Star And New York Knicks’ Fan Adam Sandler Play Basketball?

Adam Sandler is an American actor and filmmaker known for his endearing role-play throughout his career as a comedian. In Adam’s long-standing career, he has been featured in several dramatic roles, including Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, Spanglish, Funny People, Jack and Jill, The Waterboy, and many more. However, his love for basketball outshined even in his choices of movies, including the current release Hustle. The Saturday Night’s star has always been a dedicated follower of basketball, which reflected in every point of his life. 

Does Adam Sandler really have a good foot in Basketball?

Sandler’s recent production Hustle has clearly stated his rooted love for sports, especially basketball. Despite not being a professional player, he has always tried to show some skills to his fans. During his high school years, he was a part of the basketball team and developed his skills with time.

Moreover, Sandler featured in several times playing basketball with NBA players and likes to hang out with them. His sharp hand in basketball is appreciated by legendary NBA player Shaquille O’Neal who called him proficient at the game even though he is an unprofessional player.

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What sports movies have featured Adam, The Humorist?

Being a forever fan of the New York Knicks and largely basketball, Adam took his chances to take part in movies that are related to sports. Let’s explore the storyline of movies that portrayed his sportsmanship and enormous love for basketball. 

Uncut Games 

Directed by acclaimed directors Safdie Brothers, Uncut Games released in 2019 with Adam Sandler in the role of an impulsive protagonist, Howard Ratner. He is a spendthrift jeweler, who loves to bet on basketball matches, being a hardcore fan of the game. However, his swindling brings the windfall of a lifetime, which directs him to unseen risks and pulse-pounding tragedy. This intense movie became paramount to Adam’s career as viewers appreciated his remarkable acting, which was entirely different from his lighthearted presentations.

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Grown Ups 

Grown Ups is an American comedy written by Adam Sandler and directed by Dennis Dugan in 2010. This movie is a true reflection of Adam’s admiration of basketball when we see him teaching his son. Although the movie is not of sport genre, there is frequent depiction of it in its scenes.


Hustle arrived on the best streaming service Netflix on June 8, 2022. The movie is brimming with real-life basketball players and sports personalities with Adam Sandler. Stanley Sugarman is a downtrodden agent for the Philadelphia 76ers, traveling for years into different countries. Sugarman wishes to prove his love for basketball by finding the next NBA legend. Thus, he takes a street ball player Bo Cruz under his wings to  train him for the main game. This is one of the major roles Adam has played in his career as conceived by the viewers. His skills in basketball, his training style, his ambition is a “Fiction that feels real”.

Do you like Adam Sandler in sports-related movies? How many of these movies have you watched yet?

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