Adam Sandler Says, “I don’t care if Lebron [James]’s playing” to Inspire Underdog Juacho Hernangomez in Netflix’s ‘Hustle’

Adam Sandler Says, “I don’t care if Lebron [James]’s playing” to Inspire Underdog Juacho Hernangomez in Netflix’s ‘Hustle’

There’s nothing more dangerous than a man who knows he’s right and has to prove it to a bunch of as*es. Stanley is that man who knows he’s right. Vin Merrick, co-owner of the Sixers, needs to learn a lesson here. But Hustle is not only about that. It is also about getting out of your head and getting things done.

We all have that moment when we think we wouldn’t make it, despite knowing the fact that we’re totally capable of it. If you are lucky enough, you’ll have an angel around you who would push you. That person will help you to be your best. Well, Adam Sandler as Stanley, in the movie is that angel for Juacho Hernangomez, who plays Bo Cruz.

“I don’t care if LeBron [James]’s playing,” gets them through the real Hustle

In Hustle, after the death of Rex Merrick, his son, Vin is now handling everything. Stanley finds Bo in Spain, who is a natural player. Since no one knows about him, Vin doesn’t want to take risk of including him on the team. However, Stanley knew that what he saw in the boy is pretty unusual. So, he’s determined to get Bo on the team.

When Stanley shows Bo off at a trial game, Vin rejects him. Because Vin is being vindictive, Stanley impulsively quits his job at the NBA. Well, Bo had his nice as well as weak moments.

Now, Bo thinks that he’s no good, and he is sitting on the basketball court. Stanley entered and Bo says he would go home on the next flight because he’s not getting in the team and he’s not a good player. Stanley gives him a push here.

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Stan asks him an upfront question: “Are you obsessed with the game?” He adds that there are thousands of boys who are obsessed with the game and here he says this striking line. “Obsession is gonna beat talent every time,” says Stanley. He ignites the fire in Bo’s soul by saying when he walks on that court, Bo has to think, “I am the best guy out there. I don’t care if LeBron’s playing.”

Never back down were his friend Rex’s last words. Stan passes them to Bo, and it helps him.

Did it work? Could they make it happen? We don’t doubt Adam’s skills, but we have to know. Well, for that you have to watch the movie only on Netflix.

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