THIS Key Detail in Peaky Blinders Season 6 Reveals Who Will Die in the New Season

THIS Key Detail in Peaky Blinders Season 6 Reveals Who Will Die in the New Season

One of the greatest tools a writer has is foreshadowing critical points of the story throughout the first and second acts. It is like Hansel and Gretel’s bread crumbs. The audience follows these crumbs of crucial details to reach the final critical point the writer wanted us to find. Now we all know that Peaky Blinders has always had great writers working on the story. And we feel that in the first episode of the newest sixth season, the show’s ending might have been revealed.

The key element of seasons five and six has been the rivalry between Tommy and Michael. Just like the great aunt, Polly, had prophesied that two of them would be at war, resulting in one’s eventual death. We might’ve deciphered who would be the one to die.

My wrath did grow

Things pick up after the failed attempt to assassinate Oswald Mosely in season six. And we are pushed four years into the future in 1933. Now four years after the death of Polly and Abarama and his son, Michael and Tommy have not spoken since Polly’s funeral, where Michael swears to take revenge on Tommy for his mothers’ death.

However, fate arranges to meet the brothers again in a meet to sell opium to Jack Nelson through Michael (his nephew-in-law). Tommy and Michael have a meeting. Michael mocks Tommy for having stopped drinking and started reading poetry in the meeting. When the meeting finished, Michael’s men stopped Tommy and forced him to recite a poem.

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This poem might be the foreshadowing of death later on in the season. Tommy chooses to recite “A Poison Tree” by William Blake. The poem is about the speakers’ wrath with their “foe.” And that the hostility ends with the foe dying.

Who will die in Peaky Blinders?

Since, the poem implies that the speaker will be killing the foe. Since Tommy is the one reciting the poem, it is predicted that Michael being the “foe,” might be killed. The poem that Tommy recites is no coincidence. the main point of the poem is that the speaker very carefully deceits the foe into killing him with ”soft deceitful wiles.

This is similar to how Tommy carefully lures Michael in by gaining him the temptation of opium (just like the poisonous apple in the poem) and by tipping off the police gets him locked up. Had it not been for Tommy telling him his whole plan, Michael would have never figured it out by himself. And just like in the poem, it will be Michael’s own ignorance and arrogance that will get him killed.

Michael has the Jail guards in which Michael is under his command. Therefore, he can call his men on Michael anytime and remove him from his path.

What do you feel about this theory? Do you think Tommy will beat Michael in Peaky Blinders or the other way around? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Let’s stream season 5 of Peaky blinders to figure out what Polly’s vision might’ve meant.

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