This Is the Unexpected Reason Why Princess Diana Is Being Remembered During Super Bowl XVII

This Is the Unexpected Reason Why Princess Diana Is Being Remembered During Super Bowl XVII

The big day is over, and Kansas City Chiefs have been declared victorious. While spirits were high during the 2023 Superbowl, an unlikely but well-loved figure is being remembered among all the buzz. It was none other than Britain’s late Royal Princess Diana. But how exactly did a UK Royal start trending for an American sport?

Both the teams had some strong fans, and the Princess of Wales is being connected to one of the teams. The Princess was no fan of sports and did not even know much about them. Yet something connected her to Superbowl for an unexpected reason.

Why Princess Diana started trending during this year’s Super Bowl

As a Royalty, Princess Diana would attend many events, including sports, but she did not know much about American football. However, a jacket she owned is what connects her to 2023 Super Bowl. As per The List, the Princess actually owned a Philadelphia Eagles jacket and wore it quite often. It was actually gifted to her by Jack Edelstein, Eagles statistician. During their conversation well before the princess’ death, she asked him what his favorite color was. “Green and silver”, Edelstein replied. The Princess responded by saying that it was her favorite color as well.

That led him to gift her the custom-made jacket of the Philadelphia Eagles. He shared this incident only after her tragedy, and while speaking to Philadelphia Daily News. In fact, she liked it so much that paparazzi would often spot her in the jacket. Once she was clicked in it while dropping her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, at school. Being a well-loved figure, the jacket quickly became a piece of fashion.

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While her love for the team may have been limited to the jacket, fans were over the moon over the Super Bowl game. The chances of their favorite team kept them on edge till the end. That was until halftime, and then came the turn.

The Chiefs triumph over the Eagles

Around 70,000 people saw the Superbowl XVII held in Arizona, as they rooted for their favorite team. Chiefs won the match with a score of 38-35 after an initial struggle. The Chief’s fans are celebrating as their team acquired the Lombardi Trophy but former wide receiver, Antonio Brown, seems to think the game was rigged. Meanwhile, Patrick Mahomes earned the Super Bowl Most Valuable Player Award this year.

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