Ryan Reynolds Has a “Two Gin-ute Warning” for All Superbowl Fans

Ryan Reynolds Has a “Two Gin-ute Warning” for All Superbowl Fans

Considering how Ryan Reynolds has described football as “staggering, heartbreaking, gorgeous, Tommy-gun of soul-deadening, evil and beauty“, you would not expect him to bawl all out on Superbowl. However, the movie star has taken charge of aviation to drop two fans to Superbowl heaven. From keeping track of when the statute of limitation expires on Winnie the Pooh, to using his wife’s best pal, Taylor Swift’s unreleased song, the movie star has elevated the standards for advertisement.

It would be uncharacteristic for him to not incorporate the year’s biggest football game into his advertisement gimmicks. And the winner of this lucky draw was none other than his $610 million gin company, Aviation Gin. The Deadpool actor announced an impromptu website by the name of 2GINUTEWARNING.COM for Aviation Gin.

Aviation Gin’s CEO announced a sweepstake where fans will be given two minutes to acquire two tickets to next year’s Superbowl during the event’s two-minute warning. Truly, whole Superbowls were won in lesser time. But Reynolds came up with this sweepstake within the video in less than two minutes, a call back to the sweepstake’s rules.

Ryan Reynolds turns ticket master for Superbowl

Reynolds’s ability to pull crowds towards him is not restricted to the big screen and red carpets. Through his whip-smart writing and ubiquitous sense of humor, he has the ability to catch you totally off guard. The actor dropped a presumably impromptu ad for Aviation Gin where he had a “two ginute warning” to give his NFL fans. Reynolds has pledged allegiance to soccer by acquiring the Wrexham Football Club. However, he did not leave his NFL fans unattended and is giving out free NFL Super Bowl tickets.

While it is unclear whether Reynolds improvised the entire ordeal, the actor visibly looked out of breath throughout. Another astonishing takeaway from the commercial was that it was only 1 minute and 21 seconds long. While Reynolds’ ability at compelling viewers within thirty seconds is applause-worthy, his ability to save money is even more so.

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It is reported that broadcasting networks charge per second for ad space during Superbowl, meaning Reynolds has already racked in profits. Safe to say, he is a ‘gin-eus’ when it comes to advertisements. Although he jokes about finding someone to make a website, Reynolds’ 2ginutewarning.com is already in action.

Will you try your hand at winning two free tickets two next year’s Super Bowl? Let us know in the comments below.


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