Rigged! Antonio Brown Backs Bold Claims Made by Kanye West About Superbowl

Rigged! Antonio Brown Backs Bold Claims Made by Kanye West About Superbowl

Antonio Brown just backed comments made by Kanye West. Now that Superbowl has begun, fans are in full swing rooting for their own teams. But sometimes the losing side has a question of whether it was a fair game or not. West, who is a Superbowl fan himself, once made bold speculation about the whole game being fixed.

West is known for making controversial statements. But after the Chiefs beat the Eagles by a score of 38-35, the NFL player spoke out about his support for the singer’s claim. The whole theory began with a story that the ‘Donda’ singer shared once.

Kanye West once explained why he thinks the whole Superbowl is fixed

The thrill of the Superbowl brings every celebrity from the sports, acting and music industry together. It also unites fans in their argument, whether it has a base. As per Sportskeeds, Antonio Brown took to social media to back West’s claims about how the Superbowl is rigged. “Moon Walking With Mahomes,” he captioned an old clip of the ‘Donda’ singer from an old interview where he explains why he thinks the game is rigged. Ye was of the opinion that the NFL helped Brady have his seventh Superbowl win.

“The conversation is like; you have a long career ahead of you. We need our boy to get seven rings,” said West. The singer talked about how he is a fan of Brady too, enough so that he shipped him with ex, but the way Mahomes threw the ball with the expressions made him feel that it was all rigged. Brown ended the clip with a UberFacts post that said the Superbowl can legally fix the outcome of the game.

But what does that have to do with the match between the Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles? It has to do with the outcome.

How the game between The Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles could have made Antonio Brown suspicious

Both the teams were giving their best fight, with the Eagles going stronger in the first half. But the Kansas City Chiefs managed to pull up thanks to the magic of Patrick Mahomes and won the game gloriously.

There is no proof of any match-fixing or rigging so far. But Brown’s statement may not come as a surprise. He had taken his new role as the President of Ye’s Donda company and has always defended the singer amidst any controversies.

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