“This is a horrible take man”- Fans Call Out Publication for Ranking Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ As the #1 Genuinely Horrible Album of All Time

“This is a horrible take man”- Fans Call Out Publication for Ranking Kanye West’s ‘Ye’ As the #1 Genuinely Horrible Album of All Time

A music-based publication has given out a verdict in their worst album list, and fans are not happy. While everyone has their own views when it comes to music, there are some creations known to be good ones. One such creation was an album by Kanye West. Though he was been drawing a lot of flak lately for his controversial comments, fans as well as fellow artists appreciate his musical genius.

Music-based publications often give out lists of the top best music/ albums. While they often split fans over the list, a recent list by Rolling Stones seems to have united everyone against them. They ranked his 2018 album Ye as the worst one. Why? “Because it marks the beginning of the most disastrous artistic and personal collapse,” explained the magazine. They even marked his Jesus is King song as the lowest moment in his career. 

When Rap TV reported the new list and Ye’s album being featured in it, twitterati decided to take a stand. Undoubtedely, has sent questionable things in recent times, but should his opinions overshadow his musical genius? His fans do not seem to think so.

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Fans are criticizing a publication for ranking a Kanye West album in a list of the most horrible albums

There are several factors that decide on a good album. Profits, views, music, and presentation are some of the main ones. But what happens when music is ranked based on the musician’s personal opinions? The twitterati erupt in opposition. That is what happened when the Rolling Stones ranked Kanye West’s Donda Ye album number one in their list of “50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brillant Artists.”

Fans were quick to dismiss the list, calling it a “horrible take.” While some called the magazine out for the list, others pointed out specific tracks from the album that, according to them, are iconic.

People who loved the Ye album quickly called out the list, claiming that it had some amazing songs. Another fan pointed wondered how they could rank it like that after listening to the album’s song list ‘Wouldn’t Leave’, ‘Violent Crimes’, and ‘Ghost Town’. While one fan feels that the magazine has ranked him low for his controversial statements during interviews, without listening to his music.

The Ye album was released in June 2018 by G.O.O.D music and distributed by Def Jam. It topped 2018’s Billboard top 200 List and was critically acclaimed. Meanwhile, the magazine ended its explanation by claiming that Ye has made music less vital due to his controversies.

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What do you feel about Rolling Stone’s music ranking of Ye? Comment your thoughts.

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