P*rn for Promotion? Kanye West Had the Oddest Idea to Promote His Album Life of Pablo Back in 2016

P*rn for Promotion? Kanye West Had the Oddest Idea to Promote His Album Life of Pablo Back in 2016

Kanye West once wanted to make p*rn. While the rapper and designer are appreciated for his creativity, there is no limit to how he can surprise fans. Within a career of two decades, he succeeded not only as a singer but also formed partnerships with fashion brands, started a school named Donda Academy, and stood for the elections.

As a result, the Donda singer has remained in the limelight through the years. But the artist always challenges himself and had a rather edgy idea for promoting his 2016 album Life of Pablo. It was to make a p*rn movie to go along with the dark and complicated playlist. People who were present at the time explained his ambition about the idea that never happened.

Why did Kanye West want to make p*rn for promoting Life Of Pablo in 2016?

Despite his share of controversies, Kanye West has always been hailed for his creativity. But he once came up with the idea that was odd, even by the singer’s standards. As per HipHopHero, Author Bret Easton Ellis who wrote the classic American Psycho, recalled how Ye approached him to write p*rn for promoting to go along with his new album.

The album included songs like No More Parties In LA and Famous. The second song became infamous for its video that depicted celebrities like Taylor Swift, Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian, and more lying n*ked on a huge bed together. The writer spoke on his own Podcast about how Ye contacted him to make the p*rnographic videos for his songs.

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Ellis initially hesitated about the idea, but West contacted him again a couple of months later. The rapper invited him to his California home to pitch the idea, but none of it ever came to be. Despite this, the Less Than Zero author credited the Gold Digger singer for his creativity and assured that the entertainer is not drugged up as the media portrays him to be.

He remarked how confident and sure the entertainer seemed to be. While the idea never came to life, the video became Famous and became a rage back then. What do you think of the idea of Kanye West making p*rn to promote his music? Comment your thoughts.

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