“Aiming’ straight for the head…” – Drake Hits on Kanye West in New Album a Year After the Two Ended Their Beef

“Aiming’ straight for the head…” – Drake Hits on Kanye West in New Album a Year After the Two Ended Their Beef

The short-lived friendship between musicians Kanye West and Drake came to an end rather quickly. West has gained a lot of enemies recently thanks to his endless controversial social media posts. The list includes celebrities and artists with whom he shared a friendship recently. Now, rappers are known to use their music to diss each other in public. With his latest album, Drake proved that he is no exception.

West and Drake’s relationship started on good terms, even giving shout outs to each other. They later worked on songs like Find Your Love in 2010. But things spiraled down when rumors of Drake dating Amber Rose days after she broke up with West surfaced. This led to several incidences of the two targeting each other over the years until 2021. But soon enough, Drake ended the peace pact with his new album.

What did Drake’s diss track say about Kanye West?

Kanye West and Drake’s troubled friendship can be seen through the latter album. Drake released his released album, Certified Lover Boy, which features a song 7 am On Bridle Path, which goes, “Told you I’m aiming’ straight for the head, not aiming to please. I could give a f*ck about who designing you sneakers and tees.”

Apparently, the two artists were made to make peace last year during Dave Chappelle’s comedy show, with Rap-A-Lot CEO J Prince being the peacemaker. The Hotline Bling singer also added the lines of talking and asking why they made peace if they were returning to their old ways.

Later, Drakes’s single Circo Loco, which was made with Circo Loco also had the lines, “Linking with the opps b*itch I did it for the mob ties, fee like 172 percs frogs eyes, I never been the type to apologize I’d rather hit ’em up 1 more time.”

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After some silence, it looks like Ye and Drake will be back to dissing each other on a regular basis, especially since West has listened to the 2022 song by the Canadian singer. Whom would you side with in this war of words? Drake or Ye? Let us know in the comments.

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