”This house is everything that was described in the script”: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Talk About the Importance of the Byrde House in ‘Ozark’

”This house is everything that was described in the script”: Jason Bateman and Laura Linney Talk About the Importance of the Byrde House in ‘Ozark’

Ozark has been a really complicated show. No character in the show is truly what they seem. There is always something going on underneath. And that also translates to the locations of Ozark. They have some of the best and most beautiful-looking locations in the history of television. But the nastiest things occur at those very locations. That is why since day one of the hit show, the locations of Ozark are considered as cast members, just like Jason Bateman or Laura Linney.

The most deserving of those honors is the Byrde family house. Over the years, the house has itself evolved into a character that the whole world has appreciated and had to say fare thee well too. But in the farewell video to Ozark, allof the cast and crew members appreciated the beauty of the location and its relevance to the script. Let us see what they had to say.

Jason Bateman on the Byrde family house

Ozark’s end has been an emotional point for the fans and the crew. That’s why they made the farewell video, talking about different things about the show, from its success to the fun they had making it. And if Ozark’s success is in question, the location and sets it had are a huge contributor.

That’s why in the video, all of the cast and crew were talking about how beautiful and absolutely gorgeous the production design of Ozark has been.

Jason Bateman, who has been a huge part of the four-season-long show in directing, writing as well as acting, credited the Byrde house by saying, “This house is everything that was described in the script.”

He then went on to compliment the head of Production Design, David Bomba for maintaining all the sets and locations for the show, especially the Byrde House.

And Laura Linney adds that the house was a character in itself and a happy place for the crew as “we were all so happy when we were there,” she said.

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Among other actors who complimented the show’s production was the big baddie, Felix Solis. Felix felt that the sets of the show were so accurately detailed that he never felt he was not in Hacienda in Mexico.

Relive the dark beauty of Ozark once again only on Netflix.

What are your thoughts on the production design of Ozark? Did you like it? Let us know your answers in the comments.

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