“There’s no bulls**t with him” – What Made Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston’s 22-Year-Long Friendship Work

“There’s no bulls**t with him” – What Made Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston’s 22-Year-Long Friendship Work

From being the little boy in the cereal commercial to a teen idol and then a renowned Golden Globes award-winning actor, Jason Bateman has had quite the career. Spanning over four decades, the actor has seen many ups and downs. While success may be a constant for him now, Bateman found a friend in Jennifer Aniston who has stayed by his side for more than two decades now.

From sharing crackling chemistry on screen whenever cast together to gushing about each other in interviews, the two share an adorable friendship. While it is hard for even those not in the limelight to have a long-lasting friendship, the two J’s have made their friendship last despite being in an industry as fickle as Hollywood. Find out what is the secret to their long-lasting friendship.

How have Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston stuck by each other?

The two are incredible actors and have been a pivotal part of most of our adult life, with Anniston starring in the evergreen sitcom, F.R.I.E.N.D.S and Bateman in Arrested Development. However, they met on a skiing trip. And just like any teen drama movie, the two had a blast on the trip. The cherry on top was, of course, Jason Bateman and his knack for cracking everybody up. Over the years, Aniston has fondly recounted that memory several times in interviews.

You drove a Range Rover backward with the door swung open up the street,” recalled Anniston in an interview with E! News.

While this sounds like an insane thing to do, Jennifer reasoned that the Ozark actor’s sweet face and dimpled smile would make you give in.  Connecting the timeline, this trip was during Jason Bateman’s party days, which he has been very open about.

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The actor has struggled to get out of alcoholism and his party lifestyle, and it looks like Jennifer Aniston has seen him through it all.

There is no bulls**t with him,” said Anniston. The duo has appeared in five successful movies together. And if things go according to Jason Bateman, then they will continue bringing magic to our screens. The secret to their long-lasting friendship may be Bateman’s dimpled smile or just easy chemistry, per the Horrible Bosses actress.

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